The Truth Finally Revealed: Why Women Need Men

In this article I want solve two basic problems. 1. Why women need men. 2. The problem of power and domination in the relationships between man and woman. Who, by whom and in what way dominant, codependent and complementary to each other. I will conduct my investigation with the help of great and powerful Evolution.

Why women needed men in the tribe?

A woman back then with children was in a sheltered cave next to fire and food supplies. Her area of competence and domination is home, offspring and relationships with a man. That means if she needs skins for clothes or food, she reports this to her man. A man knows for sure that if he doesn’t provide for the needs of the family, then his wife will not be nice to him to the extent that he could lose his psychological comfort at home and would not get pleasure from sex. In addition, she will suffer, and children, whom he loves and does not want to lose. Therefore, a man obeys a woman in the field of her competence and provides for the needs of the family. Thus, a woman successfully exercises dominance in her area of competence. Methods of dominance – psychological and sexual. I think it was quite obvious why women need men in the tribe.

Everyone has their own domain of expertise

The main factor preventing the prevalence of male domination in the woman’s domain is his instinctive concentration of attention on the outside world. The world in the perception of a man is divided into two opposite parts – “rear” and “front.” “Front” is an environment that has to be conquered, changed and resources extracted. This is where the “strangers” are. And the rear is a dwelling where you can lie down and lick wounds. Where he is loved and psychologically supported. Where he feels good. And this “rear” also needs to be managed if it is in danger. A man without a “rear” is more vulnerable, since he cannot fully restore his strength. And also it does not make any sense to win resources from the outside world, if there is no one to use these resources.

The main factor preventing women’s dominance in the male domain of expertise is the instinct of self-preservation, simply fear of the outside world. A woman must survive at all costs and save children if possible. This is her main task. Therefore, she has no right to take risks, entering into a fight with the environment. She must be frighten and run away. Therefore, women are afraid of everything instinctively, even absolutely harmless mice and frogs. If a woman over-intensively and rigidly dominates, he can leave in that case and she would remain alone with the difficulties and dangers she is so terrified of.

And this was the main regulator of the life in the ancient tribe. The world in the perception of a woman is divided into two parts, “my nest” and “everything else”. A man is a priori a part of “everything else”, but can serve as a buffer between “my nest” and “everything else”, for conception of offspring, protection and supply. Therefore, at this moment he is an element of the part of the world “my nest”.

Why women need men according to Creator’s plan

Let’s focus on one very important point here. Imagine yourself in the place of the Creator (Lord, God, Mother Nature, Evolution whatever you call it). You need to ensure that more intelligent, strong and active beings serve and protect the weaker ones. How do you arrange this? The solution is obvious. You need to make sure that a strong and intelligent creature could not live without a weak one. And yet, it is necessary that a strong and intelligent creature does not really understand either the methods or goals of a weak being. That is, it was incapable of perceiving it adequately. And this is the way it is done.

A woman is a “mystery” for a man. And a man is attached to a woman psychologically, not only because she relives his sexual tension. This is when everything appears to be all right, but suddenly there is an uncontrollable longing, and the man goes “to seek love.” Well, that is because man does not feel complete without a woman, and nothing can be done about it. In fact, of course, everything is more complicated and diverse, and we will later disassemble all the mechanisms of subordination in details.

Mating games

Biologists call it “the inversion of dominance in the period of mating.” In normal time males are more powerful, and can even take the food from the female. And during the mating period – the opposite is true, the females dominate, and the males feed them and indulge them in the hope of sex. So, our species has a fundamental difference from most other animal species – the mating period lasts almost the entire life of an adult. Therefore our females, that is, women has the opportunity to dominate the male the entire lifetime beginning with adolescence. Yes. Yes. It is Evolution. Have you seen a man taking food from a woman? No!


The constant instinctive fear of the environment and the fear of being left without a man is an emotional background for the life of any woman, including the modern one.  It is the logical evolutionary explanation of why women need men up until this day. We all have evolutionary memory to us. And every time we madly fall in love. Because we, women, still the same. We associate a man with the solution to all external world problems. A man will solve all our problems, provide and protect us from capitalism and work. Nevertheless, modern men seem to have a different vision of how the world works, don’t they? That is the reason why i recommend this article where I give you an action plan how to dominate the male and make him do everything for you.

Have I made a strong enough argument to convince you to go back to the dating business? Well, I give you a reasonable explanation of the foundation of your happiness. And you can only be happy with a man. Not as a single mom, not as top manager, not as Nobel Piece Prize recipient. Only with a man.