There is much bigger meaning of relationships between man and woman besides selecting the best genes and ensuring survival of the fittest. Every person should go through the school of relationships in life. The science of relationships is considered the highest in the Vedic culture. If you understand the science of relationships, you practically understand everything. Relationships are everywhere in the family, on the street, at work. We always face some personalities, we always enter relationships.

From the evolutionary standpoint and Darwin’s theory it is not very rational to create sexes within the species. Because it complicates everything! We see what kind of dramas arise in these relations between men and women. It would be a lot simpler, it seems to me, from the point of view of evolution to reproduce without the opposite sex, by budding. Like hydra! Here it is one hydra and… Look there is another one just appeared! Now let’s get serious.

It says in Vedas the relationships between man and woman are the science. It is written there that a wife gets a husband she deserves. No more, not less, just what she deserved. But by her nature woman is always unhappy with what she has. Here’s my husband, well, almost good. There is a Russian song, if the husband is good, then it’s bad anyway.

How we choose our life partner?

We can see there was a beautiful woman or a handsome man. By looking and briefly interacting with him or her our mind can tell what kind of person this is based on what he sees, hears, smells, feels. However, feelings will not reveal what kind of person he really is. They disclose what he can be. For example, there are external signs, by which you can judge: how he is dressed, how he behaves, what kind of car he drove, what words he uses. Those external factors can tell you who he is merely to a certain extent. But most often our brain fantasizes. When feelings are present, the mind is also excited and sees some unimportant qualities or assigns something which is an illusion.

Later on it clears up and reality turns out to be different. AKA “irreconcilable differences“. Nonetheless, now the same mind can see it precisely. How do you accurately determine whether it is your half or not your half? There are a few methods of developing relationships between man and woman.

Let’s start by defining the purpose of life. Imagine. There are two trains. One train goes to the destination you need to get. And the other doesn’t go to your destination, but it’s more comfortable, there’s a luxury suite, a restaurant car. Which one do you choose? One with all amenities, but not for the intended purpose? And often we choose just for the amenities, but not for the intended purpose. It turns later on to unexpected direction. Perhaps we did not have the time to understand this or did not ponder upon this question. Sometimes and more often than we would like modern women have only one trail they can choose from. And just like that, in a flash, they jump on this train, biological clock if you wish.

Modern reality of relationships between man and woman

Psychologists agree that there are two hemispheres of the brain: emotional and rational, Let’s say that man has a hundred percent of the opportunity to feel and make decisions. Women, on the other hand, have 9 times more of his abilities. Multiply 9 by a hundred and get here how many percent? 900%. Nevertheless, modern woman has only 170-180% of those sacred possibilities.

Again, I rely on ancient Vedic books. After all Vedas are countless thousands of years old. For instance, the Russian Vedas, they are seven and a half thousand years old. The Indian Vedas – 5,300 approximately, 5,300 with a diminutive. Thousands. Modern people with the absence of religion or family tradition use luck. There are not any rules in place in choosing the other half. How we choose so. There is no guarantee. Therefore, there is one office where you sign marriage papers, there is also a department in the same office where you can get a divorce. Right here. Immediately! Two in one place.

After all, husband and wife are one body as described in the Vedas. Not relatives. One body. And there will be serious consequences for its tear. In modern culture of emancipation woman lost her depth, her divinity, her sacred power. That original 900%.

Man’s Magic Switch

A chaste woman has 900% by nature. Nevertheless, if she falls in love with one man, later on in life the count is two. Every time divides 900 in half. And for contemporary women you have to further divide by 3, by 4. And the remainder is 170 – 180 percent. She virtually becomes a man. Her inner energy is not as attractive as it was given to her by the nature. Only appearance remains attractive.

Allow me to explain why it is given her by nature. If a woman has 900% depth, how does she perceive everything? For example, I will say the word "love". A man thinks one thing, but a woman perceives it completely differently, 9 times differently. As described in Vedas, a woman is the fingers of the world. They feel the future, anticipate events, they can heal, feel, dream, protect, inspire. They are entrusted with this mission. It’s their nature. But in the emancipated world, of course, this is dying out. Today she uses her external characteristics, because without attractiveness she loses all her powers.

Man is a simple device. He utilizes either mind or feelings. All he needs is to switch. Someone must switch him on time. Who awakens the feelings of a man? Well, it’s clear who. Woman is his switch manager. Well arranged man is someone whose wife calls him about feelings: “Dear. It’s time to go home.” In the morning she reminds him about his duty: “Dear. It’s time to go to work.” He is incomprehensible to her. And the main thing is to switch in the right time.

As for women, her feelings and rationing work simultaneously. That is why she was not meant for war, work, strategic planning, making decisions. She is constantly worried. “Dear, ” she says “Listen, let’s figure this out. What to do? I don’t know” She understands everything but she cannot make a decision. He makes the decision for her. And he was wrong. Her famous: “I told you.” He made a mistake, not a problem. Who cares! However, if a woman made a mistake, she will remember it for the rest of her life. She will deeply regret her all mistakes. Therefore, the woman cannot be in the situation where she needs to make decisions. Woman should be married and her husband has to protect his wife from making decisions. This protection is natural.