Aesop’s Fables How a Woman Successfully Found Wisdom WIthin Herself. Suffering Was Not Necessary.

tired woman
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tired woman

“Oh, the road to you, Wisdom, is not easy,” the woman complained. – I almost died, getting to you.

– You can get to me uning different ways. You can get to me through suffering and overcoming difficulties. Certainly. 

-Why is it so dark in here? I can not see your face.

“It’s dark in your head.” You need to cleansed the darkness within yourself and Enlightenment will come to you!

“That is all I do – sacrifice, love my kids, I forgive, I practice, I am improving. Is there still some dirt left?

“What are you doing this for?” – Wisdom Asked.

– I felt bad, very bad. If I did not clean, I would collapse.

“You are cleansed from one dirt and then you let another one in.” Purification for the sake of purification – Sisyphean labor. What is your Higher Purpose?

– Love.

– So love.

– I can not love. He does not accept my love.

– INot possible. HE is love. If you meant really God. The Creator.

– No, I’m talking about my husband.

– You’re lying. You do not have a husband.

– Well, officially we are not married, but we have been together for a long time.

– You’re lying. You are not together and never were.

“But I want us to be together!” For this I entered the Path of Change!

“So you’re changing for him?”

– Yes! Yes! I just want us to have a family, because I gave birth to a child!

– Well, give it to him. Gift is a gift.

– What do you mean “give”? How can I give my child? He did not want this child at all!

“Then do not lie!” “Him” … Remember: children should not be born for “him”, and not “for themselves,” but for Peace, the World And the Universe! The world needs a new Soul, and you have the great honor to participate in the process, endure and nurture.

“That’s what I wanted!” But the child needs a father! And he does not want to live with us!

“That is His right.”

“He has no such right!” He’s a father! My child has the right for a happy childhood.

“Your child is happy.” You are unhappy.

– Yes, I’m not happy. I want to get married!

“Then come out.” There are many of men, enough for all.

– But I want him!

– And he does not want. Treat his wishes with respect, and you will be happy.

“Teach me how to make him accept my love!”

– Very simple. Take the rifle in hand. GO to him, Aim. And say: “Take my love, or I’ll kill you.”

– What?

– What are you doing now? Same. Only without a rifle. He does not take it, but you insist. He runs away, and you take offense.

“But why does he run away?” I’m with the purest intentions! I just want to give him my love!

– You’re lying. You’re trying to get a new toy. A teddy bear, which you can squeeze and drag along! And you hate him for trying to save yourself.

– Yes. This is true. Sometimes I hate it. He does not want to understand me!

– And you? You – want to understand him? For you there is only your “I want”. I did not hear “I want too”.

“But I love him!”

– You’re lying. You do not love him. You want him. But you can not get him. That’s why you’re angry.

“Everything I do is for us!”

– “Us” does not exist. There is YOU and HIM. Think about it: the family is SEVEN “I”! Seven different people, seven personalities, seven “I”. NO one impersonal “we”. One loves meat, another one milk, and a third one fruits and vegetables. One likes to hunt, the other one to sing, and the third to weave the net. What does your man like to do?

“It seems to hurt me.” He knows how to do it perfectly.

“It’s YOU who knows how to perfectly deliver pain through other people.” Otherwise, you would not choose such a man.

“I just wanted to love and be loved,” the woman said softly. – What’s so bad about it?

– The fact that you constantly lie to yourself. It’s not what you wanted. You need a man not for love, but to fill your emptiness. Once he does his job he moves away. A void can not be filled, it absorbs. You will always be small … Love is True Love! – does not need possession.

“Does this mean that we should not be together?” – Thinking, the woman asked.

“You’re still thinking about how to get together???.” You say that he does not accept your love. But you do not accept your Wisdom either.


“I do not understand why I should be alone.”

“Because you’re not ready.” You WANT so bad. This desire. And where Love lives, it is light and pease. 

– If he is not being pulled to me … means, there is no Love in me?

– Well, the first wise idea. Think: Do you love yourself if you stubbornly do not let to the relationship that brings you suffering?

“But when he is with me, the suffering disappears!” I will be happy!

– You’re lying again. Although … Rather, you are mistaken. Then you will be occasionally suffering in something else. He did not say it, he did it wrong, or did not give it to me …

– I wanted him to give me an engagement ring … It would be the most expensive gift.

“And yet he has already made you the most precious gift!”

“When?” Which one?

“Your child.” A child from whom you can learn to love for no reason, without any conditions. And who loves you without any conditions. He would not have been born if there had not been your man. Your child is a part of your man, right? Here is the love! Or are you not happy?

– No, I’m glad! I am grateful to fate that I have a child. But if he also had a father …

– The child has a father. You have no husband. And I want to! You yourself, like a child … You always substitute concepts. Desired for the reality. Therefore, you wander in the darkness.

“But what should I do?”

– Learn to thank fate for what IS, and not to reproach for what could be. Then fate will thank you twice as much.

– That is … I must give up my cherished dream – to be together with my beloved?

– Remember the old wisdom: “If you lose something dear – let him go. If it was yours, it will definitely come back to you. If it has not returned, then it has never been yours. ” Wisdom of the ages!

“Wisdom of the ages … Why did she pass me by?”

“Maybe you were just not ready to see her?” When a hunter rushes for the desired prey, does he notice a lot on the scenery? And you were in rush to get your man. In the heat of the chase Wisdom is difficult to discern.

“But now I’ve come to you, Wise.” And I heard you. I think I realized that I was wrong. I was chasing a mirage, behind the ghost of Love. And he kept slipping away from me, and it made me mad. Perhaps now I must return to my place. To myself and to my baby. After all, he is our continuation … With him I will be able to pass those Lessons that have not gone with my beloved.

– Now you are Wise too, – solemnly sounded out of the fog, and then it quickly began disappear, the sun is glimpsed. And indeed, as if enlightenment condescended. The woman peered and gasped.

“Wise, but why do you have my face?”

“Because I am you,” smiled Wisdom.

“Wisdom lives in every person.”

It’s just sometimes difficult to get to it and get it out.

You did it.

In conclusion, every woman has this internal wisdom, the vision of her own future and good judgement of the situation. Those single moms described in ….. know their own fate in advance and they still decide to do it. They give birth to a child for themselves. And they know it from the very beginning. That is why probably my good judgement kept me single till my 31 and no kids. Because I want to do things right. 

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