“America’s childcare policies were stuck in the 1950s. They’re designed around heterosexual family units where the men work and women stay at home. But as Sandberg points out, “Since the early 1970s, the number of single mothers in the United States has nearly doubled. Today, almost 30% of families with children are headed by a single parent, and 84% of those are led by a single mother … our attitudes and our policies do not reflect this shift.”

Women want to have kids. Really?

Here is my version on how those single moms appear in society. One case scenario. When a woman feels like it is time for her to have a child – she gets a boyfriend, falls in love, and during the act of love making accidentally becomes pregnant. And she is eager to share the great news with her boyfriend, the father of her child. She is thinking that he will immediately assume responsibility for them and they will become a happy family. Of course, they will – it is his child! Some men accept the challenge and stay. Some just leave you right away or even if they stayed they leave you later on.

Guess what? This strategy does not ensure a husband. Only a child. And they decide to give birth to this child considering that his father will return to the family once he sees his baby. But nope. It does not function this way. She wants to have a child and thought her ruse will work out and she will have both – a child and the loving husband. None of his previous sexual partners decided to make him the happiest man in the world by giving him a child! And she did, even if did not ask. Sometimes even in marriage she accidentally becomes pregnant, while the father did not authorize this…

Society fails young generation over and over.

In today’s world, he can get you pregnant and disappear. Sometimes with the reasoning – we both were young and in love, but I was not ready to become a father. That is because young women are neither being watched out by their parents not being educated on the subject. Adolescent women in schools are not being taught that there is a man out there and you most likely will end up with one of them. It is a duty of schools and society to teach not about contraception methods and fear mongering with STD's. This sets her for false belief that she is empowered from now on and she can now go and explore her sexuality (aka “how to up bring the whore”). It also gives men an opportunity to fuck as many women as they want. Finally. Schools and parents basically saying a word of wisdom to young generation – here is a condom and you are now prepared for life.

That is why you end up in the situation where you wanted sex and he was up to it but he never wanted a child or getting his own place. You wanted a child so here you go and you are welcome. “There are so many horny women out there who need my help in satisfying their sexual desire!” – he told her. And that is granted spirit today! Man thinks his job is to provide for himself, take good care of himself, date women and give them the best sex of their life.

Dating is just a formality that is not even needed in most cases because women see how hot he is, what a great body he has – so they want to skip the formality and get down to business. Because she is horny and he is hot as hell! He knows one thing about himself – he makes every woman wet. And that is the absolute truth based on his personal experience. But very unfortunate one.

All women have those high moral standards at birth to be loyal, to give love, to receive protection, to give birth to a child, to take care of the family – those values were built-in by the evolution. So evolution preserved the survival of mankind in women. A baby – even male gender would not survive without women taking care of him full-time. We are the ones who want kids. Men wants to fuck, fight and have a locker room talk bragging about how many women they screwed.

Women, those goddesses, who used to inspire a man to conquer continents now became free. Now those women are drinking in bars hoping to meet someone, they work stressful jobs for survival, they even deserve a right to get a job as a bus driver and make their own money if they really want to get a child. You have to be entrepreneurial in order finance such a venture as a child. You can become a lawyer or a doctor, so you can afford to such a luxury as a child.

Mantra of a successful woman.

Goes as follows – I need to become independent and self reliant so no man would take advantage of me. I need to grow up and realize that this pure love and fairy tale do not exist in reality. Even after the oath he can still cheat on me. Another one – what if I will be unable to suppress my horniness and will cheat on him! Because those are well documented stories circulating in society by Amy Shumer. So I have to ensure financial security for myself and my kids. Strong women and single moms are everywhere. We are proud of them! They are heroes nowadays!

There is saying that women, kids and elderly are at the same level. Those are vulnerable creatures and they need protection. Women became equal to men. Woman focuses on the degree, career, success not because she really wants it,  because she has to. Modern women were not told that she is divine, she is the driver of humanity, she does not have to sell neither herself nor her time to get anything she wants. She was supposed to have a husband who would take a bullet for her. With whom she will be the happiest woman in the world! And those are absolutely attainable and viable! That is the reason why i chose to have a platform to speak up.

Society betrayed women.

Today she is in a survival mode and prince will not appear and magically solve her problems and love her unconditionally. Because modern women were betrayed by society. Even this simple act as sex – it is not just old school commandment that sex can only happen between husband and wife. Modern women are secretly operating under this premise. When a woman makes love to a man she considers that she is sleeping with her future husband! No matter how badly we want to quench our sexual fire we allegedly all have, the truth is – we are not sluts in our evolutionary memory and nature. We were created naive like kids! We fall in love with the wrong men. Men hurt us. And we become prosperous and strong in order to take care of ourselves and our babies! Noone in this paradigm is favorable neither men nor women.

And evolution assigned to sex special meaning – after sex woman usually got pregnant in old time. Today we have sex for “pleasure”. Are we trying to please ourselves or a man? Sex became like a toilet visit. Can you not go to the toilet? No. For the same reason you must have sex. And we do!

Women are exploited by society, mislead and betrayed! Women are naive and society does not provide protection! Feminists propaganda devalues them! As a result we have this society where women suffer big time. In today’s world of sex, choices and contraception women get hurt. There is no morality left and no norms. We forgot what normal is.

This society officially reports statistics of single moms! Do you think the report itself will solve a problem of single moms? How about we create such society where there is no need for women to become single moms? Society where a single mom is non existent. Single mom is viewed something women really hope for, looking forward to? Again – really? If you ask any single mom – would you rather have your childcare more affordable or have a husband who is your safety net so you can stay home, have a kid and be worry free. Why is it the woman who has to pay for luxury of having a child? And why we read the statistics and ok with that? Because we don’t objectify women. They are free. Now they can make love for pleasure, pay for the childcare and be single. Freedom!