Sex Hachaphone “Cosmo” style vs Nerdy Vedic Sex Protocol Pioneered by Arianna Huffington

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virgin woman

Sexual relationships –  its modern use and vedic perspective.

Sexual relationships was a taboo subject. I am speaking from my own experience of being a teenager, having parents and never having a conversation about sex, what it is for, why, how. Nothing. No internet, no school subject. My parents would never talk to me about something like “that”. For a long time we had “no sex” in USSR (if you remember). Then we went to the other extreme – the sexual revolution (after collapse of USSR). And new norm has been established in “democratic Russia” is that a woman before marriage could have had many men. Women often look for partners for one night. Sex has become like a sport – to maintain the shape.

You, maybe, will call me old-fashioned and strange. But I can not get around this question. And I probably sound like 70 years old woman.

Now there are many different schools that promote an easy attitude towards sexual contacts. Many modern psychologists say that problems in the family can be solved with the help of sex, and if there is no sex, then the family is inadequate. I’m not close to all these statements about free love, safe sex and so on.

I can formulate a few fashionable statements about sex:

If we are given these organs, we should use them to the maximum. Transfer the same to the liver – and get alcoholism. The principle is the same.

Sex is necessary to maintain form. Like a gym. Who wants to be dumbbells?

A woman without sex becomes a megger (an instrument for measuring the resistance of electrical insulation). In fact, not lack of sex makes her angry and irritable. A lack of intimacy with another person and the incorrect work of female hormones. For the wedding you need to come prepared and experienced. Have a good love making skills.

I want to talk about what I know about the Vedic concept sexuality and sex. It seems to me the most harmonious and balanced.

The most important thing that every woman should know about sexual relations:

At any contact of two people, in which there is a fluid exchange, we exchange karma. Even with kisses, not speaking about sex. Sexual relationships occur on the lower chakras. Where we do not accumulate the best karma. When we have sex randomly, with different people, then with each of them we exchange negative karma.

In addition, women after each exchange of fluids becomes very strongly attached to the partner. And now imagine that you have been feeding your whole life all your sexual partners. So often it happens that a woman, even a long time ago not meeting with a man, continues to give him energy. She continues to think about him by accident, sometimes in a dream. Feeding him, giving him your precious energy.

On a conscious level, she may even feel that she does not want to have any relationship with him, and she does not need it. But since this exchange has occurred, then you start giving him energy, you have an affection for him. And it’s easy to notice when you stop feeding him – he immediately appears in your life from nowhere to suck some more. Come on! Everyone had that situation.

Female chastity – a huge force. Such a woman only is good for a family. Just your faithfulness. In addition, such cleanliness at the time of marriage always pays off hundredfold. Such marriages are much stronger – if, of course, they are based not only on physical attraction. We consider this option to be out-of-date. How is it at all before the wedding “no-no”? How about trying – what if the partner does not suit me? In fact, there is no such a thing as sexual incompatibility. More precisely, it means a woman disdains this man. 

I remember very well communication with one woman, who always told everyone that her husband does not satisfy her in bed. And it was in details, very personal and looked extremely unpleasant. And after talking with her, I realized that in fact she just does not like him, like a man, she does not respect him. She is not satisfied with his masculine qualities, she is not satisfied with the way he behaves. And this is the most important. If a man treats his woman wisely – there will never be sexual repugnance. Woman does not want to be with this man at all, not only in bed. What a horrible situation to be in. Because modern psychiatrists would start from the advice of “spicing things up”…

Remember also about telegonii-that a child born to a woman always inherits not only the genetic code of her father, but also the subtle features of all her previous partners. Like it or not. Each sexual partner leaves a fine imprint in the womb. And our children, born in many, many years, can inherit certain traits or the minds of our previous sexual partners. So, for example, the experience was spent – they tried to cross a horse and a zebra. The horse was a mare, and the zebra was a stallion. And these experiments were not successful, nothing happened. But this horse after a while gave birth to an ordinary horse. Striped foal. It was a foal, not a zebra. But he had such strips as the first sexual partner of his mother. This is known to all dog breeders. If the thoroughbred dog has at least once had a connection with the mongrel, then we can assume that the breed is spoiled. Actually, people are absolutely the same. And we need to understand: the more we waste ourselves on different men, the worse we do to ourselves and our children.

The ideal option according to the Vedic concept is this: a woman is chaste before the wedding, then the spouses have sexual relations only with each other, and use sex to conceive a child.

Why is this option considered the most spiritual? Because sex was originally intended for children to appear. We want to have fun, but do not bear any consequences. For this we came up with so many ways to deceive nature. And sometimes they fail.

There is a need to regulate the frequency of sexual relations. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, you probably know that the amount of male seed and the gray matter in the brain consists of the same material. And if this man spent all his life exerting this material – at the end of his life he is the first candidate for dementia. It is hypothesised in the scriptures. In Vedas frequent ejaculation is not associated with wellness of the man. If this rate is exceeded, the man loses vitality, it is more difficult for him to concentrate, work and be successful.

Secondly, and this factor is important for both – the energy of creativity and sexual energy – is the same energy. This energy moves from the lowest chakras, where it is felt to be sexual. Rising to the upper chakras, it becomes the energy of creativity. It’s no accident that many talented men, male geniuses, were not married. But above all there are the most interesting chakras: love, and self-expression, and creativity, and clairvoyance, and a connection with God. If we too often have sex, then energy cannot rise higher, and it can not reach other energy centers. Then the man will not have enough strength and desire to find his place in this world and be realized as a man.

Why does a woman need sex?

In fact, sex is a completely different concept for women and men. The man of the word “sex”, “sexual satisfaction” is a physiological process.

For a woman sexual relations are some kind of upper intimacy that they can afford to give to this men. If you do not get some kind of spiritual, psychological, emotional, the least physical. Sexual satisfaction of a woman is not the number of sexual contacts per week. It is the number of hugs, the number of warm words and cuddles. And it is very subtly noticed. Nervous and hysterical woman often receives less than warm words and hugs.

We need to understand that men and women have different sexual needs. Women needs a foreplay. Men need action and finish, which women do not always agree (especially not having received her foreplay). That is why sex needs to be according to a woman’s senario. Man will follow and will love it.

What happens during sexual intercourse?

I wanted to tell you more about what happens during sexual intercourse a woman gives her husband her energy.  When we make love to him and the main goal is to please the partner. And it is far easier for a man to get satisfaction. And woman enjoys serving him, his pleasure. Her accumulated female energy goes to the man upon his satisfaction. And then he can use it in his social life. It is like a booster for him.

Do you know the difference between husband and wife sex and this gymnastics of “netflix and chill”? Husband and wife and you feel incredible burst of energy. Energy to start creating something. While boyfriend and girlfriend go to snoring right away. The energy was used and wasted on one night stand.

How to have sex “in science”?

Every scripture of old civilizations advices girls to marry virgin. This can greatly strengthen the relationship. If you already had partners before marriage – you need to cleanse yourself. Confession, prayer, special practices, nature.

In sex there is nothing dirty or shameful. It just has a certain meaning and a definite purpose. This is the conception of children and the establishment of intimacy. Therefore, have sex with your husband as much as you both want. And remember – the hungry man, the satisfied man, and overly saturated with pleasure man. I think “Cosmo” talks a lot about it.

“And do not forget about your man’s needs. After all, for a woman, sex is not important and vital.” Teaching you every magazine. Not true. It is the worst – to become a sex slave. And she cannot really claim “sexual incompatibility with him, because she depends on him. That is why with very early articles I recommend between “meet and greet” and the marriage has to be at least 1,5 year. Ok, I know you are horny – at least 1 year. And this is the time when you get to see if your future husband can wait. But modern women act like a drug dealer – they put him on sex. This is not right. Women Have You Standards! 

Sexual relationships can be both a source of strength for you and a very powerful sucker, can be joy or punishment, the opportunity for growth or the way to degradation. Sex by nature is not bad and not good. Like electricity. It can light a house, or you can kill a person on the electric chair. The only question is how do you use this tool.