3 Reasons Why Long Term Relationships Will Not Result In Marriage

Long term relationship aka “boyfriend girlfriend”

Why woman always wants to fall in love, get married, have a family and kids? We all want that! No? Pure love and happiness in a beautiful house like a castle with lots of kids, 2 cars, 2 dogs and the most gorgeous, loving and caring man in the world. It does in fact sound like a fairy tail. It does sound like an unattainable dream, because the reality is different. Reality is harsh. Because this wedding high can turn into mundane disgusting life destroying magic and love we thought would last forever.

Some women never experience this wedding gig simply because no one offered. They find themselves mid age and single, no matter how explicit you showed him that you love sex as much as he does. Nope. Have yet to go to work, take care of a dinner, the kid and his dog.

Sometimes this sex trick work and he offers you to move in with him. That is how modern family is usually started nowadays. They move in together. He offers her to take care of the rent so they can both have sex any time they want because that is their favorite thing!

I wonder – women really move in under those conditions? Really? Ok. Let’s pretend they do. How the story goes further? Some move in under full financial support from her boyfriend, and some still have to keep the work and some have to split the rent and utilities with their boyfriends! And that, ladies and gentlemen, called serious relationships or long term relationships in our society.

Long term relationship vs dating?

When people say long term relationships – you kind of assume that they fuck and probably live together without his official notice to deal with her for the rest of his life. He keeps his mind open! This shrewd modern man. While dating is seeing someone without living together – enjoying each other’s company, getting to know each other, telling stories, share laughs, go hiking.

And, of course, he is in love from the first sight. She eventually falls in love too during dating. There is also a special event happens during dating beside him losing his mind by her beauty and personality. What can that be?.. The act of love making. He won, he picked up the prize. Now she is in love, because he was trying so hard. People usually proceed to the sacred act at this point that signifies the beginning of a new couple and possibly even marriage!!

The beginning is not usually the proposal. It is sex. When people are boyfriend and girlfriend – it usually means they either live together or have casual sex, no strings, no drama. A woman is firmly convinced that by giving sex, she will close the deal. And he does not need to be financially capable to have sex. Who do you think she is? A gold digger? No! She is strong capable woman. She either delivers sex to him, or she surrenders herself and he is performing the act they both want so much at her home. Of course, because she can support herself.

Man does not need to be financially secure and have his own place. Do you live with roommates? No problem! I can always offer you a shelter, great sex and the hot meal. She lives by herself. He even put some work and took her everywhere and made her feel special so she would thank him in the future by giving what he wants. When a man is dating, do you think he is doing that because he always wants to marry her? NO! Because she wants to fuck her!!!

They seal their love with the act of love making. This is not the worst case scenario. Sometimes women fall in love from the first site. He did not even have to date her. She felt chemistry and “the butterflies” right away. And she jumps into the bed with him. They are so compatible. You think it is indeed love from the first site and you understand each other so well.

Free of morality society.

All of those things are happening every day – every day people fall in love in the way I described, start new relationships, break up, move in, become single moms. Yes – free society. Women in a free society don’t like to be objectified and they can have sex as much as they like with anyone they like, so one day they can find this one guy who satisfies their sexual desire better that anyone in the past.

And men in a free society are also free. All religion and tradition is for dictatorships where women are objectified and being viewed as a mother, wife and a daughter, where she only has sex with her husband after him committing to take full responsibility for her, where she does not have to work as a bus driver and work at all. Where women are not required to fall in love and have a broken heart after each break up.

What is the reason for a break ups of a long term relationship in modern society?

Definitely not because she did not show up for her wedding. Men is having troubles committing at first. I am talking now about long term “boyfriend girlfriend relationships”. And women try so hard during dating, they have agreed to live with a man and show him what a wonderful wife she can be. And why women do that? Why women try to earn love? Why women except those humiliating terms and conditions from this man? Love is blind. Right?

Selfless and naive nature of women. She knows that this man will need to take care of her and her baby when the time comes. And in some cases (although I saw them only in movies) indeed a man after living with her buys a ring and commits. But usually when he is young, his risk free wife trial often ends before he upgrades, usually not because she was a terrible cook. Then why?

He is not willing to commit! We often hear that. He does not want commitment! We do not hear stories about him begging her to give him an opportunity to take care of her and she turns that offer down. Or maybe she turns him down because she found much bigger penis… And since she was a young girl she made a promise to herself that she will marry someone only when she finds someone who would satisfy her completely in bed. That was her childhood dream. And she has a lot of penises to choose from now when she grew up. It was sarcasm. But yet people do not give up the quest for the true love, no matter how many times they had their heart broken.

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