Meghan Markle Used Those Rules To Get Prince Charming to Commit

When a man becomes friends with you that is because he is sexually attracted to you. He will tend to stay focused on his sexual desire for you. Your job is to create and keep emotional channels. Simple!

  • Act naturally. Be straightforward and honest with yourself. Avoid fake reactions regardless of what you believe is happening. Be upfront, blunt, and candid with him. He will appreciate it. You're the buyer. He's the seller. Buyers don't have to buy right away. He acts, you respond. You don't initiate. He does. He strives to please you.
  • Always dress modestly and your gorgeous best when he's anywhere near. Smile a lot and especially at and with him. Show a lot of humor but not faked. No sincere sexual appeal. You can't be extraordinary, if you dress, act, and look ordinary (sexuality is now a commodity). Not in Vogue.  
  • He should never see you are excited to see him. He's just another guy but one of sufficient interest to perhaps be worthy of you. Emotions you reveal can be held against you.
  • Have moral, religious, and personal reasons for not having sex before marriage. Do not explain yourself, however. You are just that way. You are living up to someone or biblical values or principles higher than you. Don't use buzzword such as you're saving yourself for a husband. You're celibate simply because your ethics says it is the right approach. The more you explain, the more chances you give him to persuade you otherwise.
  • DON'T pay or split pay for dates. If he won't, he's not good enough. If he can't, let him treat you at Taco Bell.
  • Don't bug him and call, text. Don't speak of his love for you. He takes it as invitation to change and men don't change for a woman he is not fully devoted to.
  • Do not use indirectness to get what you want. Seed planting, hints, allegory and weakly worded suggestions. He will never fulfill any of your requests.
  • Complain about his indecent behaviour and don't complain about his habits. If they are unsuitable for your future, drop him. If you accept undesirable habits, it is the same as you would say that can move in with him and accept humiliating cohabitation conditions. If you mention them after marriage, you give him incentive to dump you. You deceived him; he married a phony woman because you were okay with his bad habits before the altar.
  • There is no Mr. Right in the nature. He does not exist. It should take months for him to prove to you that he's even Mr. Good Enough. Your mantra should be: he is REALLY not good enough FOR YOU but you're willing to spend time with him for the enjoyment that the two of you have together. Just to see what happens. You might become good friends someday; he's worth that as long as he's nice and kind.
  • Don't try to manipulate, just find ways to keep his interest up for many months. It won't be easy but necessary for his focus to shift to put your interest first and ahead of sex.
  • Don't try to convince him of your love, by cooking for him or taking care of him in any way. Love is respect/appreciation/gratitude you show for all he has done for you.'I love you' has a very different effect on men than on you. In fact, almost opposite of what women expect. It reduces his interest in what he has to do to keep your relationship going the way he wants or expects.
  • Consequences of you saying - "I love you". Men change their intentions when they receive new information. Being loved doesn't make them love you more in return. Men don't appreciate unearned gifts. If he hears those words before he puts his best effort, he figures you're less worthy than he expected earlier. Saying I love you, before he demonstrates his devotion in effect turns you into the seller and him into a buyer. If he doesn't have to earn you, then he's not the seller. If he knows he's loved, he doesn't have to show that he feels the same or demonstrate his devotion as women naturally do. It reduces the affection you normally receive when he's working to earn those three little words.
  • Men don't disclose their emotions. Women use those words to reveal their emotions in order to convince men they are loved. Men don't need to hear the words; they expect actions out of which they figure they are loved. A man seeking to win a woman is uncomfortable as he sees signs that he's winning. While he's uncomfortable, he's willing to change his habits and techniques in order to achieve his goals. It means greater effort to please you.
  • Men shifts into comfort mode after hearing "I love you". Comfort satisfies men and they see less reason to please you. The more you say I love you to a man, the less he seeks to please you and less attention he pays to what else you say. A man doesn't need words to confirm your love; he expects to see your actions that he interprets as your love. Specifically, do you demonstrate loyalty to him and do you consider him likeable above most other men? Does 'I love you' fulfill those expectations? Women use those three little words because it makes them feel good about themselves. But that makes odds not in your favour.
  • Even though men are the dominant sex, dating, courtship, engagement and wedding should be according to women's vision. Because his vision is to find weaknesses to get you into bed. You need months to delay bedtime together while he discovers qualities in you that he can admire. They become virtues to him. Enough virtues and you become fascinating to him.
  • It takes time for him to see promise in you as mate to supplement his life and ambition. After that, perhaps, a proposal. Be patient. You need many months to allow time for a good man to change in order to meet your expectations. Moreover, he has to do it mostly at his own motivation and enthusiasm; your role is secondary and passive. When you become his primary interest, he will tell you what he will do for you in the future. Then, he actually does what he promised. Then, if he finds himself deeply devoted, he makes a promise to hold you for his life and ambition. But if tells you something, and you are convinced this is going to happen would give yourself up as a prise - I am afraid in that case he will never do what he promised. Remember when they are hunting for sex - they have a love fever, they are sick. He might have been truthful when promised to marry you. But once he got you - there is no reason for him to marry you. And he wasn't lying - you screwed yourself.
  • Female mystique - keeps him coming back for more of you. If a man is unchallenged he feels no sense of accomplishment, aka ego satisfaction. Female mystery, aka feminine mystique, stimulates his imagination about the challenges she may pose. His imagination stays alive as long as his curiosity continues. Consequently, the longer you drag out the mystery of your virtues, the details of who you are and what you do, and especially the reasons why you value him in her life, the longer he stays around to find out. Full disclosure kills mystique. With good detective work, slowly uncovering of her mysterious persona, a man learns to appreciate your uniqueness. Before he declares you extraordinary as his potential mate, however, he seeks to resolve one final mystery: your promise as wife for him. Will you respect and accommodate his interests to the extent that he expects? Feminine mystique is shaping a man's thinking both before and after marriage. Part of females' natural relationship expertise revolves around her ability to make herself special by delicately broadcasting her uniqueness, and exploiting her own mystery throughout the marriage. Man's curiosity and imagination is driving him to you, not detailed knowledge...

Off the record. Do you think by following those rules you will end up like Megan? End up not being dumped? Think about that. Only women with low self esteem and pitiful can create this art and live this lifestyle not even thinking that there is something they are missing. It is just like going on the red light over and over again and getting into the accident. Until one time the police came and the policeman said - "Woman, there are traffic rules and if you don't follow them you will keep getting into accidents" Learn those rules.