Is Sex Important In Relationship Before Marriage?

All men are horny. And if you are not – you have a problem… bro

Here is another evolutionary biology 101 for men, women and sex between them. If you know from reliable biology lessons – men cannot have sex when he does not want it. A good man will not even be turned on and would never have sex if he did not earn her.

And there is another type of guy – pleasure seeking one. He thinks as follows. How can you not be turned on by a hot woman who is horny as hell and all she asks you to do is take your penis out and perform. Isn’t what all men want – no drama, just sex, and eternal happiness. She is horny now – she does not have the time to wait 3 dates.

But the first type of men exist. They have to get to know you before they make love to you. When a woman is trying to buddy call such a man, he accepts the call but his penis is connected to his manhood, not to sleek magazine’s stereotypical advice. Manhood means to take responsibility and protect women. That is a primary evolutionary response that triggers happy hormones when he accepts responsibility for her. Because real man receives a pleasure from providing for her, not from taking advantage of her.

Here is your basic rule how to fail the marriage from get go. Engage into love making too early. That relates to women. Because for men it is never too early – he fell in love with you when he first saw you. Men always interested in you because they are sexually attracted to you. It is their nature. But women were created by the same nature non horny, responsible, caring, kind, loyal.

Women fell in love too early nowadays. Really. Even when the guy hasn’t grown to be a worthy man, and did not promise to take care of you for the rest of his life. Women today are so oppressed and mislead – they always give the prize too early without the contest and to someone who does not deserve you. When the next will come along? Who knows. According to her historical data not anytime soon. The problem with women currently – they themselves appoint their husband even if a man had no intentions to become him. Indeed there were signs of chemistry – they have so much in common. They understand each other so well. He is her soulmate. She is already ready to make this man the happiest man.

It is not the way man thinks. She thinks if she uses her superpower – porn and cooking skills. The most important – she needs to show him that she likes sex as much as he does. And again from biology – men cannot have sex when he does not wish to, but women can. Our modern women – they are put into sex slavery mode by this society. She always has to be ready even if she does not want to. Or he will cheat on you.

Evolution gave us those features with instructions how to use them

Another interesting fact about sex. At some point in human history one single sex between man and a woman always resulted in pregnancy. And he could not leave her afterwards and not take responsibility for her and the baby. If men back then would seek only pleasure – civilization would not survive. So those evolutionary preserved functions kept us going. Woman associates this act with love because she was under protection. She had sex because she knew that a man was in charge of the consequences of their love making. Not because she had chemistry and was horny. Another fact is that in order to conceive a baby – man has to want sex with a woman very much and achieve an orgasm as a must while a woman does not necessarily have to want it so much or have an orgasm at the end. She can still get pregnant.

Another fact about love making. Just listen to that! Back then, men were knights. They fight for women. They had to be wealthy in order to have her father's permission. So he finally can get her as a wife. That woman back then was this divine, pure goddess who was in love because she felt safe and under protection. Here is the place where the magic takes place. When and only when she feels protected she can have real sex and give to her man out of this universe sensation. And guess what – modern society has the primary access to sex, but we are the ones who have never had real sex. Again by providing women with safety and taking all her problems husband and wife can have such sex which is just simply not available for looking to get laid people.

When a woman has sex she also expects you to take negativity from her. She will talk what bothers her and release negative emotions into her husband. That is the reason why sex is very different for men and women. And what is love? How can a woman fall in love? Easily. Because she was built like it. It is sufficient if a guy to tell that he "will marry her", she already loves you and ready to give you sex. Because women are naive. Men know that about us. They know when to whisper in your ear and when to back out. Because they know – all women want protection, commitment and being the center of the universe to a man. And they lie just to get sex. They destroy our divine nature.

Modern society made everything but progress

It is very difficult to be a woman in a free society. And you just have to admit in today’s paradigm women serve men. Back then, women needed men because they would not survive on their own in the wild. When tradition, family, culture, religion was present – men were responsible. Men served their women. Modern men want women to serve them by being disposed to relieve them upon request.

This society is encouraging us to have sex day and night, with a stranger and a friend in different places and positions. And if his organ failed in the process here comes the questions. Do you get problems with erection? Did you check your buttonhole? Are you gay? Are you ever going to get laid?..

Evolution built him as the main actor in procreation, because men used to protect, provide and risk their lives. That is why evolution made women so gorgeous that man would have fully ready to procreate. And his orgasm is needed for a conception in working condition. Evolution makes every effort to ensure fitness of the species. And today this despicable society with overworked, overstressed, abused women writes books on educating population about her vagina and how to satisfy a woman instead of teaching people morality and tradition.

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