How To Become A Woman Every Man Wants To Marry. Part 1

Divine Nature of a Woman

Virgo, or deva, is a Sanskrit word used in the Vedic culture to denote divine feminine, goddess. They say a woman has great power. Thanks to her, a man can grow and achieve a high level in society. However, modern woman often does not try to be a woman. She simply doesn't realize her strengths and blessings as being a woman.

Look at the modern reality. We men and women are equal, we can all vote, work. But the truth is, a woman needs to give birth in the time free from exploitation, and then again back to the system to work. Then she ponders: "Why me? Why noone loves me?" The man at the same time sitting next to her thinks: "Why me? I spent time and energy, and look who is next to me - soldier Jane." Divinity depends on how woman perceives herself and how she treats herself. If a woman thinks about herself herself as divine, she will contribute to the spiritual growth of a man.

Mantra of Divine Feminine Woman

"My dear, I have been given to you as a beautiful creature not just to enjoy. You need grow up spiritually, calm your mind and concentrate on achieving success for your family."

If a man does not encounter such woman, he will be looking for her like a burn victim is looking for a hospital. Because male nature is to satisfy his one woman. If a woman is unhappy with a man - if he is constantly between his wife and his mistresses, this does not mean that such a woman is deprived of her divine nature. That means this man is a jerk. If a man could not make a woman happy, this is the greatest misfortune for him. If she is unhappy, she can become a curse for a man, and if she is happy she is the greatest spiritual blessing for the same man. A woman, like a nuclear power plant - can give electricity, or can wipe out all humans. When a man leaves behind an unsatisfied woman, she can "fade" for another thirty years. Remember: a wise men when leaving a woman, try to leave her everything. So does not wish him "happiness" for the rest of his life.

Who can spoil her divine nature?

Who reduces female self-esteem? Only those who surround her. Work, parents, girlfriends, neighbors, boyfriends, husband. If they do not like a woman, they can ruin her divine nature. A woman with low self-esteem cannot inspire. She can not live so that man grows for her. If a woman lives for the pleasure of a man, she is full of disappointment and destruction.In addition, a woman's self-esteem falls with age, because she is exhausted, less appreciates herself, because she finds it hard to believe that she can be taken care of unconditionally. She is looking for that, but often runs into irresponsible, seeking only pleasure men.

When woman begins to respect herself, she can begin to inspire others. At the same time, she must never give more than she receives. Why? Because if a woman tries to "earn" herself love, then it is no different from a prostitute. If a woman is not under protection, she begins to sell herself hoping that someone will marry her. A man must protect a woman, giving more than he receives. In the scenario where "everything is fair" and "all equally", the man degrades.

A woman is loved for her achievements, but because she a woman.Do not think that a woman can give little. She is constantly thinking how to give something more to this man she is currently seeing. Let me tell you: even if she tries to do less, she will still do a lot. But if she tries to do more than she gets, her self-esteem will collapse.This rule is often manifested in the relationship of a mother and children. If a woman is lonely, she tries to perform a heroic act for children. She thinks: "Children are flowers of life, I will give up my personal life, because I have to raise them well mannered and hard working." She begins to serve them at her own cost. But at some point she demands that the children pay back: "I've put my whole life into raising you on my own." But in response this woman gets: "No one asked you!"

How to awaken her Divine Feminine nature?

Modern women have managed to archive it, so you need to get it out somehow. A Divine Feminine must choose a divine environment. If a woman wants to awaken her divine nature, she should stop communicating with those who do not treat her as divine, no matter who this is - her parents, husband, employer. Here is another secret you all wanted to hear. A woman is better not to work at all. She can only work if she really likes the process itself. In the women's work result is secondary. Pleasure is important.Male work is aimed for result. Man must turn the mountains and overcome stress. For a woman, work is stress and stress is disastrous. When she has to overcome something - her divine nature is destroyed. Even if she simply has to wake up in the morning and go to “beloved work”.

A woman should choose a pleasant environment for her and avoid a society where she is looked upon as an object of pleasure or labor. It humiliates a woman and destroys her. A woman sees herself as her surroundings see her. Her self esteem is represented by others. Want to feel yourself worthy? Surround yourself with those who treat you accordingly.

Man should say only 3 things

A wise man should tell a woman three things:

  • how beautiful she is, and how he loves her;
  • what he did for her, about the successes he achieved, because he clearly reached them not for himself, but for her;
  • what he is planing to do for her in the future. The keywords are "for her". If he says: "Now I'll save money and buy myself a Maserati," then how should it cheer her up? You always need to plan something for a woman.

If a woman does not like man's plans, then their implementation is useless. A man will spend resources, and the effect will be negative, because his woman will still be unhappy.

A divine woman should not serve a man

We all created to serve. It is our nature. If there is no one to serve, we will get a dog, a cat, join an environmental movement or distribute free newspapers for local non profit. Man always knows who to serve, but often does not want to do it. A woman always wants to serve, but does not know how to do it right.The biggest misconception of a woman who finds herself in a “complex” relationship with a man is that she must serve and then something will change. He will understand how great she is and immediately appreciates it. But it is known that anyone who wants to control a woman will never appreciate it, he will insult her and demand that she serve even more. As a result, she will become submissive and a client of a psychiatrist. Because woman is looking for a problem in herself. She considers herself guilty.

But with the man it is all the way around. If he is insulted and mocked, he either grows up, defeats the offender and becomes a warrior, or breaks down. Because he is looking for a problem outside. There is always someone to blame.Do you think that the idea of ​​service or being unselfish and giving is beautiful and noble? Not always. Female selflessness is manifested as the idea of ​​excessive service, to make the object of service feel obliged to reciprocate. Does it work? No. A divine woman should be selfish!!! Yes! Selflessness kills relationships! If you want to receive something like protection or loyalty, you do not have to serve, you just have to ask, speaking about your desires. We must learn to ask. When a woman asks a man, he feels needed.

Woman should not be desperate to marry anyone!

Women should understand that as long as she is not married, she must become noticeable for a man. But she should become visible to decent men. She should not go around half-naked and try to get married at all cost. If a woman is protected, she will not sell herself. Therefore, the father should take care of the girl until she gets married. In that case she does not think that everyone is already married, and she is the only one such a fool left.

A woman needs to learn how to be happy! If she thinks that she will get married and become happy as a result, this is the way to nowhere. The prince on a white horse will not come. A man is a magnifying glass, he can increase the happiness of a woman who is already there, and make an unhappy one even unhappier. A woman must learn to receive happiness from various relationships - with parents, classmates, like-minded people, with God, etc. Then the prince appears: "Madame, I am ready to make you happy." She will answer: "Try, I'm already the happiest person on the planet!" This is the mood of a divine woman.

If a woman really wants to get married, she gets attached to a wrong guy too early. And he has a sparkle in his eyes when he looks at me... He must love me!!! No! He just wants you. If a man has any interest, it does not mean that he thinks about marriage. A man does not think in such categories. Only if a woman behaves beautifully, then a man will overcome his lust and will want to marry. A real man always wants to change if he has someone to change for. Really wants? Yes, if nobody forces him. The divine woman does not make him change - she is in a divine state. She does not have to do anything, just have to be as she is. Therefore, a woman always needs to have many admirers and boyfriends, this increases her self esteem.

Woman must be able to speak what is on her mind

If the divine woman is silent, then she begins to think. And thinking in silence does “amazing” things to her. Therefore, in order to avoid strange thoughts and anger in her head, she must speak up. Only on the seventh minute she understands what she wants. If a woman can choose the time when a man is ready to listen, everything goes smooth. If a woman sees that a man has a problem, she chooses not to speak. Then she is at risk of being choked by her own emotions. As a result man begins to shy away from depressed woman. Therefore, you need to talk to a man. It is in your and his best interest.

What if he cannot accommodate your sorrows, what if he has a problem himself? Why would you care, divine woman! If he needs to pee and have no toilet near by, will you follow him with a pot? If he has nowhere to go to, he will pee himself twice, and then he will build himself a toilet.

In order to protect a woman from problems man has to ask her - what is on your mind, my love? If he hears only "Everything is normal" - this is a dangerous sign. The best answer is "Let's talk". And a real man should listen to his woman every day and not worry, if he suddenly hears some nonsense. Whether he is public figure in social life, or a nerdy introvert - he has to come home, sit down, shut up and listen to his wife. She cleans her head from this horrible stream of thoughts and mental garbage by talking. And it should not matter what she is saying, she needs to spill it out. And it is better for a man if she is saying: " Today I went to a part, turned left, saw a bird, the bird has flown". Instead of hearing how she was raped by her step dad. If she talks nonsense - that means her head is crystal clear. She is a happy woman.

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