How To Become A Woman Every Man Wants To Marry. Part 2

Woman is precious.

What do you think is stored in my safe? Valuables. Not my diary for the seventh grade or my socks. It is the same with a woman - she is the most valuable, and she must be especially protected. Why does her self-esteem go down? It is lowered by men living on the lower level. Those men would tell you they need to try before they buy. You know what I am talking about.

In order to get something valuable for cheap, it must be depreciated. Women are constantly being depreciated by society - in the kindergarten, at school, and when you approach the age of marriage, you are already devalued. A man already needs to touch you before he can marry you...

In today's world the value of women is less than that of bread in a store. Women's self-esteem has fallen so low now that they generally don't believe that they can be cared for unconditionally. They just don't understand who they really are. Modern society is hammering nails with a huge diamond (treats women badly). They are the greatest value in the world, which is not appreciated. And from here all these masculine thoughts - we need to learn, try, achieve.

Therefore, every woman can have 3 chivalrous men and all you have to do - you have to take their chivalry for granted, get their presents and attention, go out with them as long as you want and never give anything in return except smile and "thank you"! If you don't think in those terms that means that you don't believe in yourself, in your divine nature.

Woman always thinks about improving herself. But she does not have the right sources to find the answers and it despairs her even more. Such a woman looks like a sailor who rushes along the deck and screams "Storm!!", but does nothing at all. A person tries to squeeze a certain number of actions into a certain amount of time and still does not succeed. It turns out that the solution to the problem is worse than the problem itself. If a person is in a hurry, but does not have time, he does a lot of things he should not do.

If a woman tries to change something, but there are no changes, she thinks she has to try even harder. It drags her down even more. Overloaded elevator. This elevator is not going anywhere.

Excessive social activity.

From the parent committee to the protection of endangered species of Madagascar. Women in general are not active. This is an abnormal condition. A woman says to me: "I need it, I can not live without it." Do it, but in your free time from family responsibilities and only for the sake of the soul and development of serotonin. Not for money. Your husband needs to work for money.

Do you want to know the real reason why modern women immerse in social initiatives? Simple- lack of love. A thought comes to her head: once I begin to serve - they will love me more. She serves in the family, at work, will serve some random homeless people in the society. But it's an illusion that someone will fall in love with her for this merit.

Excessive social activism can also be - listening to the stories about politics, going to the dry cleaning, making friends with a boss, going to distant relatives and participating in their lives, etc. It can even be communication with parents. For example, Mom calls you and says how hard it is for her, because your dad is a rare bastard. Why you should listen to her? This is called emotional aggression. There is no difference between this mother and the nazi Germany in this case - the same occupant. A woman should communicate in a comfortable environment - only with those who love her. A man can communicate with those who don't like him, because he is build to endure stress. Remember I talked about that in the previous article?

Girlfriends is an extremely necessary life form - a husband's assistant. Of course, not those girlfriends who constantly depress you. You don't want that. A husband may not know all of them, but he must appreciate them and never expel from your life. We all know by now if she hasn’t relieved her negativity with girlfriends, she will have to give it her husband.

Woman wasn't born to work

If you really want to work that means your body has developed so much testosterone that you don't know how to use it. But there is a risk of being too busy with work. Work will harm you if you are forced to overcome difficulties there. This work is man's work. If a woman does not feel like jumping up and down because of the work she does - that means it's a man’s work. A belief that work brings pleasure to a woman is like believing that a woman is going to lay asphalt because of her love for fresh air. Woman works because she has to survive - no one is protecting her.

The ideal female work is for the development of serotonin - a pleasure hormone. For example, a woman tells her supervisor: "Ashley, I'm not going to work today." And Ashley responds: "Well, it's okay, I can not work today either." This is it! When there is an atmosphere: a kettle, cookies, balloons all day and everyone is happy - it is a different story. Of course, I do not encourage you to quit your job when you are single. But it will change soon if you follow my advice.

Twisting bolts, leading an enterprise, presidency, conducting a budget is not women's work! When there is a problem with a loan, a woman doesn't need to know about that. She, of course, can cope with it, but it's better for her not to know about it at all. Leadership is not in her nature. You do not put salt in sugar: because the nature of sugar is sweet.

Competition, participation and initiation of conflicts, independence, strength, strict control, resilience in achieving goals are not in women's nature. Today all women want to find out who is the real master in their family. Yes! That is what society did to us. A woman is always off the charts in every society (at least, should be).

She should not prove to anyone that she is worth something - she is the highest value at birth. It is very useful for the society and the employer if a woman is trying to achieve something by herself. Independence in a woman offends and humiliates men's dignity. Woman becomes attractive to a man by realizing this. Therefore, you should not strive for independence, otherwise women will cease to be married.


Men's pants is men's clothes, as well as bras are women's clothes. Straight men will never change a bra or stockings to be more masculine so they can wear it. Pants and a sweater of wet road definitely interfere with femininity. Of course, it is very convenient - it does not get dirty. People say clothes do not affect a person. Not true. If a man puts on a bra and wear it all day. It will greatly affect his brain and behavior, will it not?

Scanty, faded or limited wardrobe is also men's clothing. Woman should not have only one pair of shoes which is comfortable to walk around. She needs to have multiple shoes. Most importantly they all have to fit beautifully in her closet and it is good enough for her to put them on once a year. These shoes can be thrown out when you need to make a room for your new pair of shoes. It is normal for a woman to have stuffed closet where she cannot wear a thing! The wardrobe does not mean anything for men. And for a woman - it is the whole world. She should not only have a washing machine, a toaster and a vacuum cleaner but also a closet.

The energy of a woman in her hair. Haircut is an indicator of her femininity. A man woke up in the morning with short hair and it looks beautiful on him all day long. The less hair on his head, the more convenient it is. But not for a woman. You need to take care of your head.

You need to have a lot jewelry, accessories. The duty of a man is to give your woman jewelry. It does not matter what material they are made of, the main thing is to make your woman happy.

Body care routine - masks, massages, oils, baths. It is not just the care of the body, but also the maintenance of her inner harmony and tranquility. Modern women have to work most of the time, they simply don't have time for this. They just take a shower and then ask why are they unhappy...

A woman needs to have a hobby as a favorite occupation which brings her moral satisfaction, not money. A man should be aware of her hobby and finance it in every possible way. She can grow flowers, design clothes, dance, sing. If her hobby becomes her work, the world will bloom and indeed will become a better place. The secret is - every woman was born to be a fashion or interior designer. If there is an atmosphere of shanti in his house, he can be recharged there.

Emotional reclusiveness.

Women sometimes think that they don't have the right to express their emotions. Often they divide emotions into good and bad. They can show good emotions and bad are not expected from them. That is why next to her should be a person with whom she can show every emotion. If a woman does not arrange hysteria for her husband, that means she does not trust him. This, of course, does not mean that you need immediately get hysterical or mark up your hysterical calendar. But it is important to understand that this is normal. Hysteria is not madness. Negative emotions are the products of the vital activity of the body. If unreleased, it is a poison for her body.

It is healthy to perform a hysterical scene in front of your husband. Anger that you do not manifest outwards will destroy you, but if you throw it on anyone, you will destroy other people. The conclusion and the solution - every woman needs to have a husband. A woman should have a man who listens to her. Remember - women solve their problems by taking about them. If you constantly tell a man about your problems, then there will be no hysteria and problems. Society will be happier.

Full disclosure - if this is the first thing you are reading from my blog. Those claims might seem unjustified, ostentatious and abominable because it goes against feminist propaganda. And I confirm - I go against feminist propaganda. If you want to understand the full picture of my philosophy - read my other articles. And have common sense. May God bless you all.

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