Has Feminism Made Anyone Happy? Unspoken Pain of Western Women...

Did feminism make women happy? Anyone?..

Feminism turned out to be a destructive social experiment for western civilization. But the liberal political establishment itself considers it their biggest achievement, a triumph of the West. They gave women rights, they set them free! However, the question remains – did it make anyone happy? The group of researchers conducted a sociological study examining the women’s happiness in the Unified States from the 1970s to the present day, and they had an astonishing outcome: the more society accommodated women providing them with jobs, scholarships, financial independence, habit of living single, and encouraged them to pursue “their own” dreams to become worthy, the less those women were thinking about their happiness and blissful life. In fact those women never knew what true woman’s happiness is.

Depending upon propaganda, you would believe that America was the pioneer in liberal movement – they now vote, have an equal pay, and divorce law. And to be divorce law was not only a security, it was more like an encouragement for every liberated woman. They offer them opportunity to become a lesbian, single mom or child free creature. So many choices became available for women!! After liberating their own women, US liberal establishment officially abominated some muslim countries, because women in those countries continue to be oppressed, objectified and unhappy. In traditional muslim culture, women are required to have in place a male guardian when in public. Being alone is prohibited because it increases the chances of socializing with men, and eventually losing their virginity due to crazy stupid love, and therefore ruining their chances for a happy marriage. How irrational it sounds for US liberals! Do you know what doesn’t sound avid for them? Same sex marriage, extramarital birth, transgender child, tattoos, piercings, purple hair, porn, prostitution, infidelity, adultery… Those are normal!

Despite what we think as a norm, but the idea of romantic love and choosing who you will marry is quite new idea. Sentimental love became an option for some in the West during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). Before that time, almost all marriages were arranged by the parents, and marriages occurred very early. The husband received a marriage settlement from her family and a virgin bride. Sweet deal! Non virgin could not marry anyone – it was prohibited in Christianity. It was certain etiquette man has to follow when courting a woman. It was part of natural law society chose to respect and honor. Courting took place exclusively at her home, and always under supervision of her parents. They can have unsupervised date only after this man was approved by her family.

It is a narrative in the West (aka propaganda) that women suffered for all these years under the white man’s oppression, and now they are finally earning the freedom and equality they deserve. What if women were actually happier when they didn’t have to worry about SWAT analysis, multitasking, balancing a budget, being a single mom and a volunteer for a local nonprofit? In the course of recent years, women’s educational levels and life expectations have increased exponentially, contraception enabled them to have premarital sex, technology took some heavy workload from them, they now make more than men! Porn and prostitution are a free choice of liberated and empowered women.

Does this freedom make women really happy? Really?!

Back to our study on happiness. Question “How satisfied are you with: Your friends and people you hang out with, The amount of time you have free from work, The way you spend spare time, The way you get along with your parents." Those are basic need of any human being. And they are missing out on those… No wonder that we have the uprise in mental illness and chronic depression. I was talking about the reasons why women found themselves in that situation in many previous articles. If woman’s rights do not make women happier, only less charming and more aggressive, then what is the purpose of such freedom?

Women’s liberation is causing irreversible damage in the West that is why many women even don’t suspect that there is something not right about their lives. Off they don’t! How could they?? They only know what liberal mainstream propaganda taught them! Nonetheless, some are beginning to question it (like me). My message should spread so others can join the movement to put an end to this disease.

People who aren’t familiar with Shariah (codex of traditions, ancient scriptures of containing wisdom about life) often have the wrong idea about life, listening to propaganda, living a life of ignorance. And Shariah says: If you want stability and safety in your life – you need a husband who will take good care of you and make you happy. Woman absolutely cannot be happy under any other circumstances.

25% Of American Women Are Mentally Ill: “American culture promotes endless hard work without moral satisfaction. It is obsessed with zero sum game individualism, materialism, and consumerism. This society is built to breed unhealthy people who are materialistic and constantly stressed and overworked. America’s Faustian bargain to achieve its dream is to trade high incomes and material possessions for balanced societal cohesion and a high mental quality of life. The effect of this bargain on women, on both their mental health and their appearance, has been nothing short of devastating”. Well said.

That is how it all started...

Anyone knows and not everyone remembers. But in my opinion it was like slap in the face of all faithfully married women. And again there are no women you blame or victimized those both groups of women – married ones who got nervous by receiving this headline and the group who was used as a tool for man’s entertainment. Because capitalism needs to do money. I feel terribly sorry and I feel the pain of those women who were heavily dependent on their husbands and could not trust them any more. Cheating was rooted in the culture with proliferation prostitution and porn. American men did not act on their behalf – they all part of the capitalistic machinery. It has no morals – it needs to make money. I understand why women became this way. I have a dear friend who I found on Instagram and I thought she is just repeating feminist agenda with anger. Nevertheless, I now understand how women were hurt and humiliated. They were betrayed. It is like they entered a contract according to traditional social norm – they created the family and one side decided to get out of the covenant. They were betrayed by men whom they could not trust any more. And I think this scar will heal with newer generation.

Men, and many women live a life in a reality in which men like them — possibly their own fathers — would make a decent-paying job, be considered the automatic chief of the family. Some men and women are raised completely blind to women’s different manifestations, perception of the world and psychology. Men who are not parents with kids  are capable of realizing that women exist for purposes beyond their own personal sexual interest.

Fathers need better men for their daughters than they were to their mothers and still they don’t place any effort into making a better men. The problem is in every culture today men are not instructed by other men, including their fathers, how to treat women right - protect them and take responsibility for them. The fact that men believe they are showing their masculinity to other men by harassing women in public is so atrocious.Other men need to stand up for women, if he sees she is being mistreated. And men remain silent. That is a big misfortune and curse for humanity.

Women and Social Media (AKA capitalism).

The evil seems to have a lot of faces. Recent research has discovered that advertising negatively affects women’s self-esteem, and mass media impact women more than men. Since the 1930s — the start of mass advertising and fashion magazines — men have increased the importance of “just looks” in a wife by 40%. Women have raised the importance of a handsome husband to nearly 80%. Women in 1996 valued “good looks” in husbands more than men in 1939 valued “good looks” in wives.

Numerous social scientists, writers and researchers predict that behavior is likely to lead to unprecedented levels of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Perhaps the biggest hidden risk of this social media industrial complex is the harm that it’s doing to our mental health. Our addiction to social media is on the brink of becoming an epidemic.

Social media have instigated a revolution in peer-to-peer interaction and sharing. Social networking offers young people who may be suffering from mental health issues the opportunity to learn, learn or listen to, and understand, that wellness experience of others — concerning them back to their own world. Research into the phenomenon indicates that enactment of reading about others’ health experience may be tremendously beneficial to those experiencing health issues themselves. ”Given the advertisements and pictures we are exposed to on a daily basis through social media, TV and fashion efforts, it’s no wonder that women and men, both young and old, are starving themselves into the oblivion of physical health matters, mental health issues and, at times, death.

Before roll over and kiss your man, or rush to roll your arms around the children. Now you are happily snuggling down in the covers and interacting with electronic relationships with social media before your feet always touch the floor in the morning. The first thing you wake up craving is social media interaction.

Off the record.*** In a nationally-representative study of individuality, childless people in 80%, more men than women stated they wanted kids… Another poll from 2013 echoed those findings, with more than 2013 of men stating they’d ever wanted to be a founder or at least thinking they would be someday. Just 70% of women experienced the same. The topic centered around whether, for the use of event access, women born women took the right to all females (as they see it) identified places. In other words, women were born anatomically women, not men born men who became, or becoming women. The same privileges, entitlements and benefits that women born women.