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FINALLY!!! IT IS HERE!!! That means I finally made it!

  1. that mens I am committed to you becuase I fell your suffering out there
  2. And I am on the mission to change your set of mind - kinda pass my knowledge into you by you ultimately transforming and rebooting your mentality. (not painful - actually lots of fun).
  3. full dicsclosure: I am always a bad cop. And I use shock therary.

The goal is not give you a fish and feed you with meaningless quotes from some database and give you affirmations and let you go by blessing. I will teach you how to fish. Meanind you will be able to desifer who is the right guy to be the lucky one.

The main outcome of this program is my philosophy becomes yours organically. That is the reason why I am not preaching to convert - I expect on the program already converted (meaning you kinda get it and kinda like it). Speaking of which - I am not there to dogmatize anything. It is the job of religion. I am coming from a different species which were stuck in that matrix (aka simulation). That is another story - I will tell you all about that if you'd like me to. I like to explain things colorfully, not just ccept them because they are coming from the Bible. I take a bible or any other scripture and use reasoning and scientific knowlege and explain the legitimacy of the dogmatic claim with magic (working term - you will see what I mean when I do). I connect the dots - I make sense.

""""Here is where the fun starts. I will be an investigator, a nasty one. I will need a background story of each of you. And don't you worry - I have KGB memory - I don't need any database. So FIRST MONTH of me waching your brain:) will be FREE.


  1. Yes. It is that long of a program. Some girl asked - could I just skip dating and go straight to serious relationships? No. It is part and the rule. You don't like it - you are not a good fit for the program!
  2. No sex, hookups in closets, living together, test drive or free wife trial before the marriage!
  3. Noone can take your breath away within 3 months even 6 months! A man starts from "a boring nerd" and can grow to become Good Enough after a month of dating. You are a picky Woman.
  4. Dating at least 3 lucky guys at a time. I will have lectures on where you can meet a nobel man and why it is important to date 3 at a time.
  5. You will have to do your reading of articles and some other material I will be sending you. And I will also ask you to do some tasks that you will need to perforn and tell me next time I see you how it went.


  1. We will be working on our worth, self esteem which society lowered since we went to a kindergarden. We learned to live in the man's world and play by their rules - we become equal. Then why is this girl is crying her eyes out because he dumped her, and the guy is bragging about dumping her? We should all explore our sexuality - but why does it hurt so bad...
  2. We will have each other in order to lift each other up. With the power of technology will have technology you can reach me any time and quigly ask super important question of emergency. If you feel like "I saw him and it was the love from the firts side" - this is definetly an emergency. Not be fooled - call me. It is safer.
  3. Please write some memorable events that happenned between our sessions. It can be inspiration or an abscure guy... So we can clear him. Like a scanner.
  4. Dating, emotional harmony, relationships of souls, engagement and the wedding.THAT IS THE PLAN.
  5. I will be giving you non traditional exercises that should become your daily routine. No. Those are not to repeating the generic quotes in front of the mirror for 2 hors. Everything I produce original and from the heart and again - I will act as magic.

Format of our work:

Good news: I want to be honest and make it like a journey, where people from all over the world coming together and trying to solve the same problem. And they become friends.

Bad news: Unfortunately world runs on money. It is a long program and your commitment and dedication. It is a lot of work for me and even bigger commitment for me, because i have to do my homework, read, wright and amuse you.

  • First month is free which consists of first intake face to face where I learn about your background and we get to know each other.
  • And after the first seccion you will get homework (yes - already).
  • We will meet twice a month. 1,5-2 hours of practical advice, those rules of life that I learned from scriptures and from being an evolutionary biologist. Life hack course. Oh, almost forgot - after you make an appointment (please keep in mind In like in Fan Francisco so it is PST). We will have a video chat wtsup. My number +1 650-739-9907.

Why Am I doing that?

Don't think that the small fee for a membership that will change your life is a loss, it is an investment into your carefree protected life with beloved husband. I think, career coaches for women, people who tell you that you are enough and you can build an empire is not the right pathway for a woman to choose. Moreover it sends you to the path of great unhappiness. (sorry career coaches - but you only make men happy). I offer you to fulfill all desires of your heart - motherhood, empire, a husband who would take care of your, your kids and your elderly parents and you have to have only one qualification - to be a woman. And willingness to become the biggest inspiration for your husband.

I started this not because I love money more than people. But the money always comes up. I value relationship more than money. ANd I would like to see you as divine creatures, not how many dollars I can make from each of you by selling high ticket programs. I want thriving community of women finally reclaiming their place in the world. And if everyone will be on its place and do what ever brings joy - that is called happiness.

How much:

****60$ per month. Yes. Meaning and First month free. With 2 1,5 hours per month and me filling you with useful information. You can nothing to loose. I am not one of those hight ticket ones... If you need more - we can talk about it.

Here is my promise:

  • if you don't like me or what I talk about or any of those rules. You can drop out after first month no problem.
  • if you would like to freeze your membership - and go to spiritual retreat, practice belly dance, get 2 massages per day to increase your feminine energy, or take a long walk to himallaii.
  • if you want to stop at any point and never hear from me again. I call it a split. You get no more charges. Life goes on.
  • and if by the end of the year there is no improvement in your self esteem, quality and quantity of your male friends, if noone proposed to you by the end of the year. Or you haven't gone to the stage of relationship of the souls. That means I did not deliver on the promise - I would be happy to give you all money back.
  • I am not who would dreams to sell high ticket coaching programs. I seriously feel the pain of women who haven't been educated on who they are. And that will make the world as a better place. And not hight ticket coaching.
  • Just let's make the most out of it. Be kind to each other. And enjoy the ride. I am going to entertain you. It will be fun.

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See you there.