What is love?

As a result of numerous studies of scientists came to the conclusion that love is the human quality that distinguishes us from the animal world. Love arises unconsciously. It is a set of feelings. It is also inherent in many animals: they form pairs which can exist for a very long time. Love is the quality invented by evolution to ensure better life and survival of children.

In order to raise the offspring, any woman should make a man to be her for so long, until the child can take good care of his food on his own. Human offspring develop very slowly compared to other biological species. Therefore, the woman had to learn how to tie a man for a long time.  Evolution gave birth so-called biological love. Love is a biochemical process in the body.


Love has evolved, so a man can take care of the offspring he will receive from you.

The opposite is also true.

If he wants children from you, then he is in love.

What is maternal instinct?

Maternal instinct is the biological connection between mother and a child. After giving birth, the mother‘s instincts begin to work in a certain way. This is no longer a spiritual or social affection, rather a feeling at the level of physiology. The scientists conducted a barbaric experiment. They introduced certain substances to the mother, suppressing the maternal instinct, and the mother could leave the child without remorse.


The attachment of a woman to a child has a physiological and biochemical basis.

What is paternal instinct?

Father‘s instinct does not exist, a man is not capable of loving and feeling a child on a physiological level. He can protect the baby, take good care of him, communicate with him. And only after doing those his attachment to the child appears. And that is confused with the paternal instinct.

In fact, there are no distinct hormones in men that affect his attitude towards a child! The male could never determine by smell whether it was his child. Evolution did not give the males this right, because it is not in the best interest of evolution. It gave a woman the right to appoint any man as father to help her raise this child.


The attachment of a man to a child is purely psychological by nature!

For millions of years in the animal and human world feeling for the descendant of the father are planted by the mother! If you do not develop feelings of a man to a child, then they may not arise.

Where did the instinct of provider come from?

Scientists came to a strange conclusion. This instinct did not exist in the males. Zoologists who watched the chimpanzee males wondered why and how they had developed the need to bring food to the female. After all, she herself was able to obtain food. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the male chimpanzee mastered the skills of hunting in order to prove his power and strength so she would choose him over the others. This skill was formed exclusively for sexual selection. It’s just that the females appreciate him and give themselves to him. This shows the real motivation for the male to evolve and develop. There is a suspicion that the male has no other internal urge to do so. If it did not belong to the females, the male would not have striven for anything. No wonder there is a joke that men without women would be like a decaying herd. Yes, that is right. Now it is scientifically proven.


The instinct to get food is part of the marriage foreplay. Act from the opposite. That is: you provoke a man to get food, and it will be a stimulus for him to join the marriage game.

Who is a woman and what is her role in evolution?

Usually in nature under normal external conditions there is a situation in which there are more men than women. To strengthen the competition of men, so that a woman could choose. If there is a reverse trend in society, then such a society tends to degrade. According to scientists, if a man has enough sex and he does not have to do anything for this, then he will not have the motivation to progress in life. This reminds me of the current situation in various regions of Russia.

In contrast to seduce a woman in Australia, you need to work very hard. There are much fewer women than men. That is where I will go next:)

A woman acts as a genetic filter, or a selector. She determines the most enduring male decides which gene will continue to exist. The mechanism of breeding takes into account the ability of a man to fertilize different women and the ability of a man to take care of not his children.


Therefore, if it appears to you that he is leading the process of seduction and that he chooses you – you are either mistaken, or you risk becoming unhappy with him. Because you act against the laws of nature. That is why it was very important primal rule – many men compete for a woman by showing her their abilities to provide for her and her child.

Why nature needed monogamous couples?

They arose as a result of evolution. In a monogamous couple, the child develops more balanced and healthy. Since the moment of the Homo sapiens got on their feet, the birth began to be more difficult. The child’s head grows as a consequence of evolution. Ss scientists now note, today women continue to choose men with great ability to learn and with higher intelligence, and consequently, the head will continue to increase in size. Therefore it will be more and more difficult for the modern woman to tie a man for a long time, thus, this ability will become even more important in the future!


Every man wants to find himself a permanent pair. He can think that he is not ready for this, that he does not require it and all that jazz. And this behavior will lead him to a distressing situation. We cannot go against the laws of nature.

What is male polygamy in theory and practice?

Physiologically men are polygamous. This is a scientific fact. Why then does monogamy rule in the world?

The fact is that a man is obliged to be monogamous. In order not to cause public disapproval, a man just has to hide his instincts. That’s why men are polygamous only in “theory.” And in practice, most prefer to create permanent couples with one woman.

Men is monogamous for their wife. For relatives, they are monogamous in the eyes of society. This is their social image.

Polygamy of a man is an instinct. A person has a shame and attempt to hide his instincts. A man is polygamous, but he is afraid to show his instincts. He hides them from his wife, children and girlfriends. He feels ashamed of his instincts.

That makes a man monogamous. Because we publicly condemn polygamous behavior.


This means that if a man says to you that he is polygamous in nature, if he tries to build “open relations” with you, then your importance for him is quite low. He is required to fall in love with you. Even the most notorious scoundrels, do not wish to upset women who mean something to them! So when they date (as getting to know each other not in bed) an interesting girl, we try to hide all of our dirty underwear and presence of any other women. They would not attempt to hide anything from one night stand. And they say – the men are polygamous, well, you know! A woman who means something to them, they try to protect from this fact, showing her his “monogamous” part.

What are your principles of choosing the male?

You are torn apart by diverse desires, which have different instinctive goals!

1. Find a male to get the best genes.

2. Find a male with whom you can raise children.

A woman chooses men in two ways:

1. External signs like health, appearance and skills;

2. Reliability.

These selection strategies are called by scientists opposite and incompatible.

After all, it is often very difficult to tie a very popular man, because he turns out to be a douchebag. You prefer to get genes from him at the level of instincts without thinking about his reliability. And since evolution and genetics are not aware of condoms and contraception. The desire to sleep with him is the implementation of evolutionary strategy of finding the best gene.