Definition, Qualities and Responsibilities of a Real Feminine Woman

Femininity has three main components – external, internal and within. The external component – everything that relates to our body – tidiness, neatness, and her today’s image (makeup, hairstyle, dress). The internal component is our feminine qualities and virtues – delicacy her light all around. This amazing power – female energy – makes a woman truly happy, peaceful, grateful, beautiful. It is what , tenderness, complaisance, emotional psyche, warmth, compassion, the ability to cooperate, etc. The energy component is an internal female power that makes a woman shine from within and spread her light around. That energy makes a woman a real Woman.

The container of female energy is the womb. Nurtured by healthy female energy does not induce painful periods. It was created by nature not cause anease and pain, it was given to her so a woman could bear children. That is also where women’s energy is accumulated. Some women (all women) have a very painful periods nowadays. That is because energy is not accumulated there or accumulated energy is not a female kind… (belongs to a female entrepreneur, for example). It provides the woman with good health and well-being, it is necessary for the bearing of healthy children.

Women’s energy is needed for realization of all aspects of her destiny – to “nurture” her creative projects, to help a man in the realization of his talents and dreams, to give to the world new citizens and to bring abundance in everyone’s life.

The power of female energy is immense.

Being a woman means being filled with light, be inspired by yourself, to have your own inner world where you are well all alone, without other people. Women’s energy is true trust in God. When you are convinced that at any given time, every second of your life you are protected and blessed. When you know that everything what happens is right and for a reason. You are not punished. Nobody makes fun of you. The Loving Power of the Creator teaches you, helps you find the right direction. Women’s energy is serenity, it is still and peaceful. There is no anxiety, her actions, her gait, her speech are purposefully rhythmical. It resembles a wonderful flower.

Female energy is the ability to give your man positive emotions – when next to you, his anxieties is on the background, he feels that you are happy with him and everyone is happy. True female energy can be a source of happiness for a man. He enjoys your appearance, your inner state and becomes happy with you. The man is inspired by being blessed by your healthy female energy. From this energy grows his strength and success. It takes two components: woman’s energy and faith in her man – once he becomes motivated by the idea that his family is the source of inspiration, his beloved woman will live in prosperity, happiness and his faithfulness. It becomes in his best interest to continue this bliss and make sure it never ends.

Women’s power is energy. If a man is thoughts and ideas, a woman is their embodiment. If a pure and faithful wife believes in her man. But if she is jaded, unhappy and unsatisfied with him – his is simply doomed to succeed. Creator kills his own creation instead of making it a masterpiece. A woman with a healthy woman’s energy has the gift to put into his head any ideas and visions that he will later turn into live. That’s why, the thought of a woman is equated with the action of a man. But only, of course, if she is devoted to her man, sincerely believes in him, knows how to serve selflessly. Women’s energy is able to save or kill. It is good for a husband to be under protection of an energetically strong woman. And even at a distance, this defense is very powerful.

Where we do we recharge?

Despite the fact that we all have come from different backgrounds and cultures, we all have one prerequisite to generate the energy. We need to be happy in order to generate this vital energy for ourselves and everyone around us.

The basic need of women is the need for security, physical protection, peace of mind (emotional, physical and monetary). This need must be met first. Otherwise the woman becomes anxious. And anxious woman is not a source for inspiration.

Man can give her physical protection. In some Asian and Muslim countries – where traditions are still preserved – women still do not walk alone on the streets. They are not allowed to walk by themselves only with guardians – husbands, fathers, brothers. Even the looks of strangers to women are not tolerated there. You understand that in our society women are not protected in any way.

At the same time man can give her emotional protection. It would be nice to have a man who would block the flow of our torments and chaotic thoughts – so we would not destroy ourselves and others. He would also provide us with the necessary pair of shoes “good to wear one time”.

What makes a woman happy?

To realize that you are important. Self-esteem affects a woman’s sense of happiness in the most serious way. For the most part, we are as happy as we live in harmony with ourselves. And the first step in finding this harmony is to realize that I am important. It is important who you are, what you feel, what you want, what you think about, what you need. Listening and careful treatment of yourself is a solid foundation of women’s happiness.

Mindset of Living here and now. The practice of awareness is an integral part of women’s happiness. In fact, happiness is always here and now – not in the past and not in the future, but in the present moment. Remember, as in the song “There is only a moment between the past and the future, it is called Life.” Gold words. Living consciously means being aware of your feelings at a specific moment, to realize your desires and needs, to feel your body, to let yourself be happy, to realize what is happening around, to realize your actions. To see the beauty of Life. Everyday is beautiful and sacred, every moment is a gift from God. In order to find true female happiness, it is very important to learn to live, feel life right now.

Superpower of a real woman.

By nature man has strength. Their body, their muscles are arranged in such a way as to perform physical work, to exert physical efforts. Men are more enduring than women. In addition, men have a stronger will, resistance to external factors. These qualities are given to men by nature. Birth claim of a man (given him by evolution) – fulfill his destiny by influencing and changing the world.

Women are much less stress-resistant and possesses much less physical strength. However, a woman has a much greater psychological (psychic or psychotic i would call it) power than a man. When a woman experiences any emotions, her heart emits very powerful energy waves that can affect the environment. And, of course, man is very susceptible to her influence.

So what effect does a woman have on her husband and children knowing that? Entering a serious relationship with a man, and especially starting to live with him, a woman gets some power over him. This power is manifested in the fact that a woman can influence his mood. If a woman feels joyful, satisfied, inspired then her mood is transmitted to her husband. Even if he comes from work in a bad mood, under her influence his mood gradually improves, he calms down, and problems go on the background. The opposite is also true. If the pessimistic, angry, complaining woman in a robe with dirty nails is waiting for him at home then sadness and irritation is transmitted to a man.

Womanly duties in marriage.

The fact that you have a huge psychic force imposes certain obligations upon you. So, a woman must work daily on her main duty – consciously “creating” a good mood for herself. And this, I want to emphasize, is not optional for her. This is her DUTIES. It is an important duty she must take very seriously. Before you prepare breakfast, before you send the children to the kindergarten, before you go to work, etc. etc., a woman needs to work with her mood to create a space of love and happiness around herself.

We women are beautiful and amazing creatures. By nature, we are given a powerful force. And it is not contained in our muscles. Our strength is our energy. The universe gave us a huge mental resource, which many times exceeds the psychic resource of any man. With the help of our psychic power, we can change not only ourselves, but also the space around us, as well as the people in it.

We were born in women’s bodies not by accident. Nature herself gave us a clue as to which direction to go to. The male role and the male purpose are quite different. The purpose of the Woman is to accept her divine nature and shine. We must understand that we are beautiful, and inside we have all needed ingredients to fulfill our mission – to be happy and bless everyone around us.

Develop relationships with the Divine, Higher Power, Universe.

Before we could become the sun and shine for others, we ourselves need to replenish our energy reserves somehow. A lot has been written about the sources of women’s energy. These include caring for your body (a variety of beauty treatments, massage), wearing feminine clothing, water procedures, sleep from 22:00 to 02:00 hours, developing creativity). But the main source is communication with God (Universe, Higher Powers as you wish to call it).

There are three types of prayers (types of communication with the Higher Powers). The first kind of prayer is a prayer-request. In such a prayer, we turn to God for help – asking to solve our problems, ease the suffering. The second type of prayer is prayer-gratitude. Here we thank the universe for what we have in our lives. The third type of prayer is prayer-initiation or prayer-tradition. In such a prayer, we sincerely tell God that we accept our life as it is, even if it is full of difficulties, accept the divine will, devote our lives to God. If communication with God on ongoing basis is new to you, start with the smallest and simplest – speak sincerely what you think, and ask the universe that she owes you:). Then express your gratitude for what you already have. Again, for this purpose you can have a notebook where every day before going to bed, write at least 10 thanks to God (remember all the good things that happened over the day, do not forget to thank for your loved ones, for housing, food, etc.). Develop spiritually – read relevant literature, engage in spiritual practices, strive for a higher level, commit yourself to divine will and service.

Another divine service your can do for yourself - go dancing. Get a membership to gym not to do heavy lifting or crossfit - go and take Zumba. Dancing is like the balm for my wounded soul. Or just find the aerobics from 80s or 90s, turn the music up and loud and pump it up.

Communication with God gives the best filling effect in the absence of devoted man. But that is the challenge – your goal to become happy with yourself and love yourself. Man will not give you love or make you happy. He is your magnifying glass. If you are unhappy – you are going to be more unhappy with him and make him miserable. If you are already happy and here comes the Prince saying: “Madame, I would like to make you the happiest person”. Your responce should be: “Then you have to try hard, because I am already the happiest.”

In conclusion, in order to be ready admitting a worthy man in your life – you need to be already hally and already love yourself. So prepare yourself with spiritual practices. The mood improves, you feel an emotional rise, a sense of security appears, you feel yourself “in flux”. Life seems and it becomes easier. Dear girls! I sincerely wish you to live in accordance with your Life Purpose! You are the light sources! Remember this!

This is the woman’s happiness – simple and complex at the same time))