Dating Tips From The Best Dating Coach – Evolution

It was the moment when the primary concern of human civilization was not to be eaten by the predator. Today humans can relax, they became more jovial and looking for dating tips and dating coach online since they solved every existential threat of the past. It may seem like a whim of spoiled modern civilization. It is not. Loneliness and being unable to receive joy in the family is new existential threat of humanity. I view it seriously.

Dating coach is in vogue nowadays. Have you noticed that? Now every second person is either a top manager or a dating coach. Why do you think there are so many of them out there? Because there is certainly a demand for it. Why did people live without a dating coach before? Because people used to respect culture and traditions.

Dating then…

Throughout the history humans had to interact with the external world in order to get something out of it, change it and live comfortably. Historically men interacted with the environment in order to extract resources, protected women and children from its negative impacts. Women were located in a safe place (cave, house, office, etc.) and interacted with men in order to withdraw and redistribute resources they have extracted. Isn’t it correct depiction?

Males carried out external, most dangerous functions: hunting, defense, war, capture of a prey. For all of that, you need a lot of physical strength, courage, agility, powerful mind, curiosity, ability to learn, the ability to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the tribe‘s interests. Therefore, behavioral characteristics such as friendship, mutual aid, altruism, ability to plan actions, execute them, ability to act in extreme situations are usually characteristic of men still… In fact, man was a buffer between the reproductive part of the tribe (women and children) and the aggressive environment. He was a huge part of evolutionary experiment with natural selection.

Of course, the strongest men survived and gave offspring. It was completely impossible to survive for a tribe without a man. Therefore, the birth of a boy, a future hunter and warrior, was seen as a success. More soldiers and hunters, the stronger the tribe.

The main function of children was to survive and learn. They held on to women and the elderly and listened to their gossip and stories. Children did not require special education, because their innate instinctive programs corresponded to the way they lived. Therefore, they were trained automatically.

Old men. Loss of reproductive function and hormonal change makes people calmer (wiser) and more talkative. They very much liked to teach young people. They were informational training center.

The principal function of females was reproduction. In order to implement it (conceive, give birth, and raise a child) woman needs several years. Woman was very valuable reproductive part of the tribe. Therefore, she was always placed in the safest, nourishing and cozy environment of the human habitat (cave, house, hut) next to the hearth and food. For the same reason woman was always guarded by men.

Biological and social function of women – by all means survive herself and, if possible, keep the offspring. For maximum survival and reproduction, of course, women needed completely different qualities than men. Namely: the maximum adaptability to changes in life and the ability to avoid danger in every conceivable way. That is: concern for themselves, egocentrism, resourcefulness, conservatism, fearfulness, adaptability.

Egocentrism and adaptability do not have a negative connotation here. Women simply had to be able to appoint any other male in the tribe as a new father of her baby if the old one died. I was talking about that many times.

And the most essential quality for a woman – she must have the ability to make a man, who is clever, stronger and more independent being than herself, to provide for her and her baby. If necessary, she was in a position to put him between herself and a danger. “Hide behind his wide back.” She simply should be able to manage a man.

And now…

It was a lot of introduction. Now, forget about elderly and kids. We are mainly interested in women in the context of their relationship with men. Both men and women called people and both have some external resemblance. By evolutionary design, we had completely different functions aka “gender roles” thus our physiology and behavior have evolved according to them. Today we have achieved so much progress in life expectancy, technology, safety, human development, individualism. But we run into a different problem. We thought maybe we can throw out and forget about our gender roles. So we made them obsolete. We finally stopped such an “atrocious” exploitation as “kitchen slavery”. And where we are today? Alone, unhappy in relationships, searching for dating coach and dating tips in the internet...