Lessons Learned From The Pornification of Western Culture – It’s Really Bad and You Can Make Money

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, obscenity comprised of printed or visual material that was accessible on a black market. People who purchased explicit journals would feel humiliated if they were seen by others. Filthy magazines were kept in dark colored envelopes; purchasing porn was a scandalous matter back then!
That was then. Today, smut has gone standard. It has been so standardized, individuals speak straightforwardly about ‘my porn’. Porn talk is a piece of cutting edge discussion.

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virgin woman

Sex Hachaphone “Cosmo” style vs Nerdy Vedic Sex Protocol Pioneered by Arianna Huffington

I can formulate a few fashionable statements about sex:
If we are given these organs, we should use them to the maximum. Transfer the same to the liver – and get alcoholism. The principle is the same.
Sex is necessary to maintain form. Like a gym. Who wants to be dumbbells?
A woman without sex becomes a megger (an instrument for measuring the resistance of electrical insulation). In fact, not lack of sex makes her angry and irritable. A lack of intimacy with another person and the incorrect work of female hormones. For the wedding you need to come prepared and experienced. Have a good love making skills.
I want to talk about what I know about the Vedic concept sexuality and sex. It seems to me the most harmonious and balanced.
The most important thing that every woman should know about sexual relations:
At any contact of two people, in which there is a fluid exchange, we exchange karma. Even with kisses, not speaking about sex. Sexual relationships occur on the lower chakras. Where we do not accumulate the best karma. When we have sex randomly, with different people, then with each of them we exchange negative karma.
In addition, women after each exchange of fluids becomes very strongly attached to the partner. And now imagine that you have been feeding your whole life all your sexual partners. So often it happens that a woman, even a long time ago not meeting with a man, continues to give him energy. She continues to think about him by accident, sometimes in a dream. Feeding him, giving him your precious energy.
On a conscious level, she may even feel that she does not want to have any relationship with him, and she does not need it. But since this exchange has occurred, then you start giving him energy, you have an affection for him. And it’s easy to notice when you stop feeding him – he immediately appears in your life from nowhere to suck some more. Come on! Everyone had that situation.

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Russia launched a new startup for schools – Moral Fundamentals and Importance of a Family – Will Transform Society and already Left Angela Merkel speechless!

West thrown away morality, it became soulless society is always better for capitalism – people are under constant pressure of commercial and social factors and expectations (aka what colour is buttwhol “are you going to have an erection”). It is destructive for the personality, family, nation and state. Younger generation has sex just because they are bored.

Russia made young generation as a strategic resource – the one you can bet everything and you will will always win. And Russians being realistic and naming the problem – they noticed  devaluation of family values amongst teenagers and rather deviant behaviour was considered cool. If you are richest in every aspect of your social behaviour – you are not cool, you get bullied.
For this reason, they created the course “The moral foundations of family life” for the 10th – 11th grades as a living and effective reference point to grow up with the right knowledge.
The objectives of this course are:
understanding  gender differences, know your gender’s strength and weaknesses and act accordingly in the family.
awareness, moral readiness and the importance of creating a new life.
Men’s understanding of his responsibilities and care for the social and psychological well-being of his family, the  the present and the future.
Ok Let’s go take a look inside of this book!!!

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Still Single? Only Saints and Lunatics Can Live Without a Couple

It says in ancient Vedic scriptures – a man is incomplete without a woman, just like a woman is incomplete without a man. That means people can only live in pairs. Live without a couple – a wife or a husband – is not normal. Only the saints and the lunatics can live without a couple – also says in the scriptures. I will give you a playbook how to develop healthy relationships if you are still single. The harmony and adjustment between lovers, spouses occurred gradually – in steps. And if the initial stage or some steps were skipped, nothing will happen further until you return to the missed step and do it all over again.

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finding love

Unconventional Tips For Dating Someone New

Every divine woman should know the rules of finding new love, universal laws of happiness. There is a certain secret – love has to go through the certain stages for the harmony to appear. It is described in Vedic scriptures in details. Therefore, I am not making things up. I am just a messenger.
Rule one.
Any man can take me out and treat me as a queen until he proved the opposite. Aka a woman must not tolerate indecent behavior of a man.

Man’s perseverance and proper behavior conquers woman’s heart. He has the right to take care of a woman, regardless whether she likes him or not. A woman falls in love gradually. If a man does everything right, then the woman begins to melt. You have no reason not to take his attention. Woman must take courtship from any person – suddenly after a while you realize he is your other half and you did not even thought so in the beginning.

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3 Reasons Long Term Relationship is the Weakest Link of Modern Society

Long term relationship aka “boyfriend girlfriend”
Why woman wants to fall in love, get married, have a family and kids? We all want that! No? Pure love and happiness in a beautiful house like a castle with lots of kids, 2 cars, 2 dogs and the most gorgeous, loving and caring man in the world. It does indeed sound like a fairy tail. It does sound like unattainable dream, because the reality is different. Reality is harsh. Because this wedding high can turn into mundane disgusting life destroying magic and love we thought would last forever.

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