Lessons Learned From The Pornification of Western Culture – It’s Really Bad and You Can Make Money

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, obscenity comprised of printed or visual material that was accessible on a black market. People who purchased explicit journals would feel humiliated if they were seen by others. Filthy magazines were kept in dark colored envelopes; purchasing porn was a scandalous matter back then!
That was then. Today, smut has gone standard. It has been so standardized, individuals speak straightforwardly about ‘my porn’. Porn talk is a piece of cutting edge discussion.

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The Disturbing Origins of The Main Women Issue Today – Women Forgot That They Are Women!!!

Indian civilization has been deep ever since Vedic times, with the changing society it had Western influence, some for good and some non. The young are puzzled with western brands, their lifestyle, the measure of life and social values. Today life in a relationship is a common matter: premarital sex, miscarriages and suicides all be increasing at an alarming rate with every passing day. Adopting a western civilization of lifestyle is not harmful, but it is not all aspects that you should follow. Be specific in embracing the good facets that aid and bring value to life, thought and career. Blindly embracing everything that does its way in the name of westernization is not smart. Be attentive and pick the right matters, not all.
While women have been repressed in many fields of the globe, in Western civilization there exist a lot of shows of independence. This is just window dressing, nonetheless. Also present in Western civilization be a bunch of outlooks and yet some gaslighting for families who stray from societal norms. Before Womynist feminism, women were actively discouraged from doing anything that didn’t require being a homemaker and mother. Sure, they gave an important role in the household, but the value was constantly put on the study that men made, because this is the only work that is compensated by salaries. The insidious echoes of the devaluation of “ women’s employment ” such as cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and social preparation even follow Western culture today, and there are also a lot of businesses out there that exist ( unnecessarily) gender-biased, such as nursing or secretarial work.

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Unspoken Issues and The Emotional Pain Of Western Women

This month marks the one-year anniversary of what members of the media and activists have named the resistance. In the past year, resistance has taken many forms, from marches to town hall gatherings, and it has covered a range of issues, including women’s rights. Over the weekend, people around the nation rallied to commemorate the first anniversary of the Women’s March, which was energized by the #MeToo and #TumbsUp movements. That is why I decided to write stories that have not received enough attention in historical textbooks, cultural narratives and modern media.

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marriage or prostitution

Marriage Or Prostitution

I want to talk about a marriage where a woman sold her body for money and also few other things. She is the heroine of this story and lives in a conservative society, where pretenses are at times more important than truth. Our heroine was in deep love with a married man but had no guts to say so. Therefore she agreed to marry the villain of this story, a man who proposed marriage in front of her father. While getting married to this person, she cheated him. She lied to him by hiding her real love. But that is not the point of my story. Let me come to the basics.

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Emmeline Pankhurst

Empowerment for Women – The Power is Within You

Briefly, Emmeline was highly instrumental in forming the UK’s Suffragette Movement and in doing so she eventually brought about the right for women to vote. Now OK, both our male and female readers could be forgiven for thinking, ‘hey hang on a minute, this is an attempt to promote feminist views’. However I can assure you it is not because I am not out to promote any kind of political agenda so please bear with me, especially our male readers. You’re not about to come under fire here. The point I am trying to highlight is the sheer belief that Emmeline held deep within herself. This was that she could make change happen in a society that had always shaped and dominated the view that women had a far lesser role to play than their male counterparts and that their worth as a human being was also far less.

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Men Use Women By Knowingly Lying To Them

Relationship creates an argument, agitation, tension and hostility. And it is such a relief to get rid of this feeling… It is a chill pill for modern society. They know they can always exit. And by they I mean men. Women initiate divorce aka brake up not because they want to become single again, but because they have suffered enough and have been humiliated a lot. But men are always ready for an exit.┬áThat is how people live their lives – in the axis of evil – meandering from one relationships to another preoccupied with the notion that it has to end.

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