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Mother Daughter Early Relationships Defines Your Future Relationships With Men

Relationships with your mother defines your future. To understand the relationship with your mother for a woman is a prerequisite for building your own future. It is kind of platitude and scary truth at the same time. This strong relationship with the mother affects how the woman will treat herself, how confident she will be in herself, how she may be independent, on what relationships she will have with men, also on what mother she can become herself.

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5 Types Of Lies Told By Your Unloving Mother

What kind of lessons about the world did you learn from your “beloved” mother? Remember, how many teenagers committed suicide before society started paying serious attention to youth suicide, which for a long time was considered an unpleasant but “normal” phenomenon. As they say – difficult teenagers… There is sacred and arcane mythology around motherhood – myth that mother’s love is instinctive, that all mothers love their children, that mother’s love is always unconditional. Today I can freely and openly talk about how many children (I was one of them) remain with unmet emotional needs, verbally humiliated and having no answers why family can hurt so bad.

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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World

Traditional values – what is wrong with them?!
Two thousand years ago the Indian poet Thiruvalluvar made such an observation: “Is it possible for a man to lack something if he has a good wife? And does a man have everything if he has a bad wife? “In the East, the woman and her role in society are treated with great respect. In the West, women are valued not more than a bread in the grocery store. Their contribution is discounted, undervalued and not recognized. In fact, this is the reason why women seek satisfaction and recognition in other spheres, because Western society has forgotten about their unique, vitally important role. Offended by ignorance, she seeks other means to obtain recognition, appreciation and love.

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