Knowing Differences Between Men And Women Is The Only Way to Be In Relationships

We all want to build happy and healthy relationships. But modern iconoclastic society is failing to achieve the ultimate happiness, because we choose to ignore tradition and ancient wisdom. Why is it important to address the Vedic Scriptures? Because it works. Everything has been invented in this world. But the rules how to build healthy relationships cannot be ignored, reinvented or replicated from Sex and the City or SNL. They work exactly the same way as a thousand years ago, five thousand years ago, a million years ago. Because it all comes down to human nature.

What you will learn from this article?

  • What are the differences between the male and female nature and why women have immense power over men;
  • How to be a worthy woman, from whom men do not run away;
  • How to build a happy relationship with a man and avoid mistakes at the beginning of dating;
  • How to be the inspiration for your husband;
  • How to make a man do anything for you without you losing your mind and voice.

Statistics says that in the modern world the percentage of divorces is about 75%. And the remaining 25% is not necessarily happy, just have not yet been separated. Really happy families are rare. This is not good or bad. It's just such a reality of life. Everyone, of course, decides for himself how to live. Only small number of people achieves a harmony that lasts for a lifetime. Are they lucky? Or they adhere to certain traditions and principles?

It seems to us that the healthy relationships between man and woman is a complete improvisation based on love. But love alone is not enough. Modern people do not have knowledge about building relationships. It's not easy to build a happy family, because we do not understand that another person is not like you. Women do not understand men and never learned how to be a woman. Men do not know who women are and never learned how to be the man of honor. Even though one gender wants to do something for the opposite one, it is not very clear - what, and most importantly - how. Therefore, we will begin with the differences. Knowing the difference between men and women are the key.

We are so different!

If you adopt a kitten, you, of course, know what kind of animal it is and what you are getting yourself into. You know you'll need to buy a tray, because he will not use the toilet. You will also take into account that the hair is the side effect of having a cat - you'll not wrap it with the tape. Sometimes it turns out that the cat is ill-mannered, and your guests can get an act of vandalism in their shoes. But you consider that behavior normal, because it is a cat. You will not call a police squad to arrest the cat for such vandalism. It is a cat!

On the other hand, you have got yourself a being of the opposite sex, why not take into account its characteristics? A man will never become your girlfriend from a student dorm! You can dream that everything will be clear without saying, that you will share slippers, skirts, and aromatic soap. But no!

Men and women are completely different. So different that it is easier for a man to understand a male crocodile than a female of his own species. This truth is easy to hear, but hard to accept. Well, maybe the biological package looks alike - two hands, two legs.

Imagine Toyota Tundra and Ferrari. They are both cars, but they are different. Try to use Ferrari to transport construction materials. Is this possible? Maybe. But it will not be successful. Or try to show off on the red carpet event driving Toyota Tundra. I mean, you can. But it will be strange. And you will not make the impression as you would with Ferrari!

Men and women think differently, act differently, feel differently, suffer differently, rest in different ways, eat differently and eat different things.

Emotions and Reasoning

The biological difference between a man and a woman is the hormones - testosterone and estrogen. Even when the boy is in the womb, testosterone puts the jumpers between the right and left hemispheres so the right and left hemispheres work alternately. The right hemisphere is responsible for the emotions, the left hemisphere is for rational thinking. Man can be either in the emotional state or in the state of reasoning. He either analyzes or loves. If he focuses on love, then the P&L will not be solved.

It seems someone dropped hank of wire between right and left hemispheres in women. Her left and right hemisphere work simultaneously. And the speed of switching between them is like that of a ten-core computer.

Therefore, a woman and a man are complement of each other created by the Almighty.  Man is pure mind, woman adds emotions. And when emotions overwhelm him, she adds reason. A woman for a man is like a safety net for a circus acrobat.

How men and women think

Women are very talented. This is an indisputable fact. But the list of geniuses for the most part consists of men. Why is that? Simple. A man can distance himself from external stimuli, disconnect from what is not very important. It can be anything, sometimes even family, children, friends. This is how the brain of a man works. He can think well, think badly and do not think at all about the loved ones. Psychologists call this effect - an "empty box".

A woman always has something to think about, to worry about, and she cannot distance herself from her thoughts. She thinks that children will starve or fall down the stairs, that someone will cut off gas, electricity or water. Anything can happen with her family! She does not have such a function, there is no "empty box". That's why only a woman can take care of a child. If you do not agree, try recalling the case when a woman went to the kindergarten for the child and forgot to pick him up! Well, those incidents are not rare with men. He went there, on the way saw melons, bought, forgot about the child, came home: "Wife, look what a melon! let's pull the knife," and she said to him: "Where are the children?". And then a tragic pause. He doesn't love his children? No! He just switched over and forgot about them for a while.

A woman does not understand how to tell a man about her own desires and goals. The false assumption is that a man should and can guess. It seems to her that if she once said about her desires, he immediately remembered and all he thinks from now on is how to put it into action! Not how it works! A man is simply scared to say that he really did not think about her request. A woman is offended: "I always think about you and you don’t! You don't love me."

A woman can think in two positions - either good or bad. A man in three - good, bad or nothing at all.

How a man and a woman perceive information.

If a woman watches TV, she drinks tea, flips through the magazine, communicates with her friends on the phone, but at the same time she understands what is happening on the screen. This is normal for a woman. She can do it. A man can not do two things at once. He is single-tasked!

Imagine a man watching television. The level of activity in the male's brain at the moment of watching TV falls down to 20% of the norm. For a woman, it never drops below 90%. Woman's brain practically does not rest, there is no neutral speed. Therefore, a man can concentrate only on one thing.

For example, he lies down and reads a book. You come up to him and tell something important. Do you really think he hears you? It should not take a lifetime to understand that the man during the reading is almost death. If you want to say something to a man, you should not just get him to put the book away, you must see lively spark in his eyes.

Why do we need each other?

A woman can get everything in this world from her man. In other words - if a man cannot give something to his woman, that means it already belongs to her. But instead, she is trying to get what is already hers by putting enormous efforts in doing so. She begins to give others what she would like to receive herself, hoping that this will be noticed and appreciated. This will be noticed, but not appreciated. It will be taken for granted. Society thinks and actively teaching us that man and woman are equal! So the woman herself can achieve everything! Of course, she can, but it is bad for her health and she will not be able to enjoy it. A woman does not have the ability to enjoy what she has achieved herself. A man can achieve and enjoy what he has achieved only when it is appreciated by someone. That's why he likes to be a hero for a worthy Woman, meaning for a grateful Woman.

A woman is born on the highest level of values, she has everything necessary for happiness at birth. She has a value in itself, and her task is to live her life steady. She does not need to pump her life and achieve something. The main thing is not to lose base complication which was given to her at birth. It's like in the game World of Tanks. There is such a thing as a top tank. This tank has all the best. The best gun, the best engine, the best optics. It is not necessary to improve it, it is even impossible. This is the woman. If she plans to grow somewhere and change something in herself, she can only grow down, because there is no room to grow up.

A man is born on a zero level. In the world of tanks, he is a "stock" - he has the worst caterpillars, a dead engine and an oblique cannon. Therefore, the task of a man is to grow, to progress. From birth to death, he changes, overcoming difficulties. First as a child, he fights for his toys, at school - for a girl, then for his own business ... For a man the main thing is to overcome something and say "I can." Fall, get back up. He can fall a million times and rise. This is normal. Only by the age of 45 a man is formed.

A woman does not need improvement, she has everything she needs for happiness at birth, and unlike a man, she does not need to overcome difficulties in order to become worthy. It's enough for her to just be who she is.

Stress for a woman is destructive. It is great for men! What doesn't kill a man makes him stronger. A man becomes a man by overcoming difficulties. A woman, overcoming difficulties, becomes a bad man! Therefore, at all times woman needs to be protected from destructive excessive social activity (like work for money) - first by the father, then by the husband, later by the son. It's better if there are no pauses in this process.

A woman must always be protected by someone. If stress occurs in her life, the body begins to produce the male hormone - testosterone. Testosterone means muscles for a man! If a woman develops testosterone, she begins to break down and gets sick. This is physiology.

There must be a woman in a man's life. If man does not have woman in his life, he does not progress. A real man is the one who fell twenty times and got back up twenty times. Pseudo, pleasure-seeking, irresponsible man is the one who fell twenty times and got back up nineteen. In this case, it goes back at the level zero. It's just a male. Why should he change anything if life is so good?

What prevents healthy relationships

What does a man do if he needs a woman, but he does not want to grow up to her high standards and high moral values? He deprecates her. Therefore, the more irresponsible men are, the more devalued women are in such society.

The task of a woman is not to fall to the level of irresponsible men. She is not inferior to a man. Why does she need to give in to a man who is unworthy, and humiliates her dignity? She is valuable by the fact she is a woman and not a polyp or cancer, which lives at the expense of men.

It is being said that a woman has all the qualities and brain powers to be a scientist, a model, a mother, a wife, a fashion designer or the greatest evolutionary biologist of all times at birth. And the society tells her - she needs to achieve everything with sweat and tears, fight, be independent, build a successful career in order to think about relationships with a man. And sometimes a career is all she is pursuing because it is all she knows. Society devalues the god like nature of the woman. We never talk about that. Instead we talk about achieving the best orgasms and how to be a team leader!!! All those messages are coming from those men who fell 20 times and got up 19...

Energy of man and woman

The man is the rechargeable battery you bought in the store, but you cannot use it yet. It needs to be charged. A woman is a AAA battery: when you buy it in a store, you just need to get the battery out of the case, and it will work. It can not be recharged. Therefore, if a woman deals with irresponsible men, and her self-esteem falls, she can not go back to the state of "full charge" herself. She will need help to increase her self-esteem, to go back to goddess state. For a woman, even the term "self-esteem" is not entirely correct. She cannot evaluate herself. Esteem always comes from outside - how other people see her.

A man himself can rise to a high level after a fall. He can reset himself. If something happened in his life, if his beloved woman abandoned him, of course, he will suffer for some time, but his self-esteem will not go anywhere. It does not occur to him that he is bad, ugly, and his legs are too hairy. He will look at his biceps in the mirror and decide that he's just awesome. And the woman? She will not forget anything. She was abandoned, she will blame herself. Think about how a woman chooses a name for her child? She would never call him by the name of the man who offended her. If she is categorically against Matt, that means this bastard mistreated her in 1980, when they went to the third grade together. But she never forgets it. Of course, she wants "happiness for him", but in fact she has another mantra in her head: "I hope you die, Matt!"

Men, be careful, if you deeply offended one woman in Berlin, another in Moscow, and the third one in New York, then you must know: they all "wish you happiness," and sooner or later this "happiness" will come to you. Men! Leave a women without offending her. Otherwise you will have to answer for this karmically.

Definition of Love from men’s and women’s perspective

What does it mean to be loved for a woman? It's when someone in this world makes her wishes to come true. What does it mean to be loved for a man? When someone in this world allows him to fulfill the desires of her heart.

If it was not for the woman, the men would walk in the same uniform, no one would shave, they would all ride in black square cars and live in a tent. Men are not very fastidious creatures. They can live happily in a room measuring 2.2 x 2.4 m, and eat one and a half kilo of some "male" food a day. The man ate, lay down, and slept. Wise people say: "Civilization was created by men, but they created it for women. Otherwise, they would limit themselves to beer, television and football. " It's true. A man does not need anything for himself. Do you think a man shaves for himself? Do you think he removes hair from the bathroom for his inner peace? Because it makes a woman terribly angry.

A woman is a source of inspiration for a man. But! This does not mean that she must constantly give him something, not wanting anything in return. Things can only be given to children unconditionally. A man should want to grow for a woman. Loving him with selfless love is dangerous, because that is what makes a man irresponsible.

Problems in the world of men and women

A man and a woman are faced with different problems and they solve them in different ways too. The problems of men come from outside, from society. And he ponders on these problems. He needs a quiet place, where he can think. Or he nervously smokes on the balcony. The best modern meditation for a man is switching the channels. It is important for him that something flashes. Like a bonfire in a primitive cave. Only then he solves the problem. Man receives enormous satisfaction, solving problems of women.

Woman's problems come from her head. She overcomes difficulties in the head, hence her doubts and unease. She solves problems by talking about them. Smart man listens. If a woman is wrong, then a man should take responsibility for her. After all, this is a woman, God created her like so. She requires protection.

If a woman begins to live according to the male principle - she accumulates male problems and mindset. Surely, you have met with such a woman, about whom people often say: "A man in a skirt. Or woman with balls." She will stop the horse at a gallop, build the house and fix the car. This woman has too much testosterone - the hormone which makes women sick and builds muscles for a man. No man can “digest” woman with man's mindset.

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