Why No One Talks How Tough It Is To Be A Woman In A Man's World?

Journey to your homeland begins here…

Do you love to travel? Sometimes, returning from a regular trip to another country, people say: “I just wanted to stay there forever.” It feels like it used to be my place. Everything was so dear there. My heart was torn into pieces when I had to leave. Some of us from childhood believe that they live in a place where they don’t belong. Deep within us lives in the knowledge of our true place, where we will meet with ourselves, with happiness and joy.

However, a lot of people are placed in a completely different part of this Earth and are forced to accept conditions and adapt to them, because everyone lives like this. Does it remind you 1984?..

Men and women are people from different parts of the world. By the incredible accident, they all gathered on the male side of this world and started playing according to male’s rules.

This confusion has led to the fact that not only women, but also men cannot find a real place. Probably, the technological development goes along the path of creating an androgynous person, which will be someone and a woman in itself – two in one.

Living by the laws of men, women lost their real power and many other benefits only the female half of the world can offer.

There are another life, other laws and rules – on the female side. This side has long been abandoned… Let’s talk about that.

Why should you go there?

In order to awaken your desire to carry out this trip, I suggest you look around. Now most women live in the male half of the world according to male rules. What’s happening to us there? Loneliness, chronic fatigue and insomnia…

If women move to the side they belong – they can truly feel again loved and happy.

This is precisely what each of us needs.

When women move back to female land, men will constantly notice that it is not that crowded on their side any more. They will play their man‘s game. And there will be a harmony. He will feel successful and happy. She will feel beautiful and loved.

Do you believe that this is utopia?

Try it!

You want to travel and experience new things? Then take a short trip to the feminine half of the world. Perhaps, you will like it there, you will not like to return?

Who are we – women living on this planet?

Mothers, miners, warriors, beauty, tender and affectionate, loving and loved, lonely and desperate, confident about their own unattractiveness. Women are simply throwing out of their heads the female thoughts. This list can go on without the end.

Modern society hung so numerous duties on our fragile shoulders. We became tough, put on the armor and just try to survive at any cost.

Who did we become? What is the price?

What roles are now successfully performed by us? Isn’t it too expensive price to pay for being strong and omniscient women who are able to provide not only for herself, but also for grown up children and even for the husband?.. Countless women now earn more than their husbands. Need a vacation? No problem! Your woman can take out the whole family for a retreat. Another question is, are they able to replenish their energy levels and finally get some rest?The price we pay is sometimes too high. I have often met women who are tired of life, of heavy workload. Hunched over, looking down to the ground, she took on worries about the whole family, forgetting about rest and other joys of life. Under this unbearable weight, they are not interested in personal life, their main goal is the survival of the family.

First, they live to raise children.

Then – to look after elderly parents.

Then – in order to “raise” the grandchildren and give them what they were denied. Between all of this, women manage to work, build a career, and study a lot. For what?

In the beginning of the life journey they still hope and dream for happiness and love. Then later on they understand that life has passed and it is foolish to dream about prince and life in his mansion. Her life was tough – what makes you think that her daughter’s life will be a fairy tail. Most likely not! That is the reason why the mother is preparing her daughter to be a fighter, to be self reliant, independent very early in life. Many modern women go through the main years of life carrying the proud title – single moms. While serving others, some women suddenly hear sharp and bitter words.

– I’m tired of you…

What is on this side?

Only on this side she realized that she lived for the sake of others, their interests and lives. Her private life ended somewhere between diapers and doing a homework with your child. The years have gone by since then, and the woman lived only to help others, proving that she is still needed and she still can be useful. The truth is – a woman needs to be loved.

There is an unspoken law on the male side of life: everything must be won or deserved!

So she deserved, and sometimes won the right to be loved.

One woman of venerable age, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, remained alone all her life and a phenomenal career. When she was about 50 years old, she made a comment about a family life:

– You want me to wash another person’s pants??…

This respected lady turned 75 years old she answered:

– I would now give up all my achievements for a child’s cry in my apartment and the man’s socks in the bathroom. Living by male standards, a woman loses what she really needs so much.

It’s hard to stop and relax.

The biological organisms of man and woman work in different ways.

The man’s body is built so that he can stop and relax after intense and stressful work.

Man uses his energy for his self-realization in society. That energy builds muscles for him. The more muscle mass – the more strength, more energy. Man can easily recover from stress and tiredness. And he is ready to go. Testosterone plays big role in keeping them being comfortable under stress. Therefore, a man can relax and rest after a hard day and be like fresh tomorrow. If he had little work load today, sleep does not come to him until he pumps his muscles. Sometimes we can hear such recommendations addressed to women…sad woman

It is not the same thing! Because they have a different energy supply system. The female body accumulates fatty tissues. They become the source of her strength. However, with a certain expenditure of energy, her body begins to experience an overload, but the woman is not required to stop, because there is still fat left in tissues. If a woman does not stop, self-destruction will occur.

The aura of the male and female body consists of two layers.

Outer layer of man has a positive charge, or Yang, as it is called in the eastern philosophy. The inner layer of the masculine aura has the Yin charge, or potential. This layer allows him seriously and deeply engages in spiritual practices. The female aura is arranged in the opposite way. Outside – Yin, a potential charge. Due to this layer, the woman has a vital intuition, forebodings – to foresee a danger. The inner layer of the feminine aura has a Yang charge (+). This energy is necessary for a woman’s body to create a child’s body.

Modern woman destroys her aura by extracting the sacred Yang energy in order to find a job and to strive for survival. Nature has awarded a woman with this energy to a by investing it in the womb in order to create the child’s body. If a woman spends this energy in her social life, she loses the ability and desire to have a woman’s happiness and a child.

The outer energy layer of a woman is potential and manifests as persistent care for others. Woman naturally produces a hormone called oxytocin. If there is plenty of it, she is relaxed and happy. It eliminates stress in the feminine body. Oxytocin is recognized as a hormone of social rapprochement and is developed in women during a relaxing massage, kisses, embraces. This hormone induces motherhood instinct. It reduces blood pressure and sense of fear. In a modern society, it is important for a woman to achieve success at work, but it does not contribute to her inner peace, it only increases the level of testosterone in her body. Testosterone is produced due to stressful situations, her desire to win, the need to make decisions and make priorities. For men, testosterone is a natural condition. Testosterone is necessary for a man – it is the source of eternal fuel. Testosterone does the magic for male’s body. So the logic is men are the one who supposed to be under stress and pressure, because they come with built-in antidote – testosterone. With that logic if a man is feeling depressed, that means he is not under stress. Being under stress, fight, competition, argument is only natural for men.

Testosterone acts as antidepressant for men, but not for women. In a state of distress, she starts selflessly serve others instead of concentrating on herself and her own needs.

The skyrocketing level of testosterone in modern women makes them think that the roles of mother, caring housewife and loving wife are burdensome, uncool, not acceptable and not enough. The predominance of testosterone in the female body leads to anxiety and feeling of abandonment.

Our body, unlike the male, accumulating testosterone, loses the ability to rest. Women do not understand that and try to sort things out as soon as possible, instead of relieving stress by restoring the level of oxytocin. They think once they finish all the things they planned, they will finally rest, maybe start dating. And they not only do it themselves, but also expect the same from their husbands and children. Instead of being the source of support, her male partner turns into an additional burden for her.

What is the trade off?

It’s tough to relax and start believing in love and the happy life. Believe that the husband will finally start to provide for a family. It’s challenging to believe that you can be taken care of not because you have earned it, but because you are kind, full of life and the light. Can you imagine being covered with a warm blanket when you are cold, have a breakfast made for you, and someone special is telling you tender words?

Until now, you have done all of this and much more for your loved ones, expecting that they will do the same thing for you someday.

The score has not been in your favor for many years. Thousands and thousands of deeds you did for loved ones were taken for granted. Thousand and one – and then you would feel better, they will finally notice and appreciate your sacrifice for them…

However, this does not happen. Day after day you overcome fatigue, doing more and more with each and everyone.

Every day we have to get to work and compete with men, suffer, survive and fight. And guess what? We want love after we become winners. Unknowingly, we choose to struggle for the right to be known as a strong woman. We gave up female happiness in exchange for that title. Is it worth it? We got involved in a man’s game – only the winner can be considered successful. For men this is enough, but women want something else.

Successful woman may find herself in bed with not very successful man who used his strength and body to be the winner. No wonder after a good time with a woman, a man does not feel connected to her, and a woman does.

In the struggle for the first place, many women become angry, strict, harsh. God forbids bursting into tears or showing weakness… Everyone does what they have to. No one cries! There is no one out there to listen to your complaints. You can cry when no one is looking. Everyone seems to be ok with their life. I don’t see single moms are complaining about their life. And if you are single strong, successful, independent woman – what do you have to complain about? Your life is great!

Women’s weakness is perceived as a flaw and something to be ashamed of.

It is just so difficult to be a woman!

The woman’s excellent ability to collect complete information about everything and everyone turned out to be endless torment for her. She is always dissatisfied with the fact that she feels insufficiently competent, she tortures herself with doubts, inventing her personal issues and problems. And the way she overcomes her doubts – she works hard.

This does not happen with men, because they use information for solution of a specific problem that is being solved at the moment – without allegory, specific tone, emotions and hints. Therefore, many women are surprised to see how a man who is not very knowledgeable and competent achieve rapid success with full confidence in his superiority.

We respond differently to stress and trouble.

For men silence is a rest of mind, for a woman – it is a punishment.

The woman in silence constantly thinks about what has been said, and what else needed to be said and done. Often her thinking is based on negative situations, developing a sense of bitterness and defeat.

We are taught to remain silent and think what we say, but this method is only suitable for men. A woman can think and find the long-awaited answer, only by talking about the problem.

A conversation is necessary for a woman. By talking she relieves stress and finds the right positive decision. However, talkativeness is condemned in the society of men. They learn how to speak. They know what and how they will say it.

A woman, living on the male half of the world, does not even know her advantages, opportunities, rights, privileges, duties as a female.

We are taught from the very childhood to behave like men, not showing female behavioral stereotype. Various women are not happy that they were born as women. They do not know how to live a female life and how to be happy as a female.

When will this end?

Why do you think this world is so fierce? No, women have never been told what it really means to be a woman. Are you ready to go back home?

Modern society became so atomized that each of these halves considers themselves self-sufficient, independent from each other. But these two worlds cannot exist without each other.

For several decades, women have been learned to act and think like a man. They declared – women are equal to men! As a result of new paradigm men began to rule the world and dictate their rules. Both men and women are required to play by male‘s rules. The rules of the feminine half of the world were just forgotten. There was a confusion. Men and women assembled in the male half of the world and began to fight for the place under the sun.

The feminine half of the world was left almost uninhabited.

Several generations have changed, and people have forgotten about the loss. They began to think that the world is very small. In this tiny world, men and women started feeling lonely and sad for no obvious reason. That happened because the knowledge about the soul and true love has been lost on the other half. The male half of the world is now densely populated, while female half of the world has only a few happy inhabitants.

Since ancient time, a woman was a guardian of the heart and the soul of her husband. Thanks to her his soul could sing. The woman herself was the SOUL of this world and the universe. Women knew a lot back then before the loss…Now, because of the overload of the male part and the small population of female one – the world became unbalanced.

Women still want love and happiness, but don’t know how awaken the man’s soul. So they apply male methods.

Everything is messed up.

What is the biggest desire of the female heart?

Happiness, harmony of the soul and body and, of course, the long-awaited LOVE. And to receive every blessing will not require hard work. What will be required from you instead of hard work?

• A wish

• Patience

• Aspiration

• Thirst for bliss and love

Farewell, male world!

Being in a male world all your life, you have earned your place there. You pushed, poured, defended, argued, defeated, competed, conceded. Now you chose to leave everything behind and change your life dramatically. Before you left I provide you with an overview of methods and rules society used on you to make who you are today – strong, independent, successful woman.

In the beginning it was joy, and then… school was created

You were in the same class of boys. Your teachers often criticize you in front of the whole class. They could even organize a competition between girls and boys. So girls learn to compete with boys using their brain early on in life.

The physiological growth and development of boys and girls are quite different. From an early age, the boy first has to grow and master his physical body. He runs, jumps, climbs, fights, break bones, get stitches.

This is the first phase of becoming a man. He wishes to be the best, so he must be the best. He often has fights with another boy, he feels his power and place in the world. If his opponent is also keen and clever, they can then become best friends. Having mastered and developed his male body, having got experience of skirmishes and defending his view of the world, the boy begins to engage his brain. That means that the second period of boys‘ life has begun.

What transformation a girl undergoes in school?

The girls are different. Very early girls start collecting the information about the world in which she will live and raise her future children. She plays “daughter-mother” game, where the mother – Barbie is flawless beauty. Ken is her dedicated husband and together they live in a Barbie house. She dresses her Barbie in the most gorgeous dresses. Because of the girl’s imagination she is Barbie. And her life will be just like Barbie’s life. Everything will be provided for her, she just has to remain beautiful and happy. You don’t see boys playing with Barbie. While girls are playing their game, boys are testing new asphalt. Seriously, they want to find out how it tastes like…  By the time of high school. Girls collected enough information about this world to pass it on the child.They became sexually attractive, because they are ready to have kids. Boys are interested in the look of girls. Sometimes it makes it difficult for them to study…Those girls who cannot cope with the hormonal reorganization of the body and competition in school becomes typical “difficult teenagers”. Nevertheless, teachers will use all sorts of methods of influence, forcing girls to study better. Humiliation, insults, shaming in front of the entire class are common. Calling out parents to complain about their daughter only strengthens the girl‘s self-doubt. The girl closes herself from the world and really starts to notice more and more imperfections in her appearance. Here are some life principles we learned in school:

• Compete, the first is the best.

• Strive to become a winner, fight if necessary.

• Work hard to get the best marks.

• Pursue leading positions (head of the class committee).

• Learn to please teachers and those who make decisions.

Series of unfortunate events for girls have just began…

This set of rules and behaviors of the masculine world was taught to girls. As a result, after finishing school or college, a girl does not have a very good opinion about herself and tries to compensate her own idea of her unattractiveness by competing with men in knowledge, workload and burning desire to reach the peak of career ladder. In fact, she learns to forget about the gorgeous looks, fashion, beauty, about everything from Barbie had. The look will not get you anything in life. However, good marks and discipline will. Now it’s time to take care of yourself and just think about your future. You have to find a job that will help you earn money and buy yourself a place to live. The pursuit of prestigious and expensive things will begin soon, because they will tell everyone about your status and success. Only then you will be in a position to declare a victory. You will have a legitimate right to be arrogant and condescending towards the losers, who engaged into family-kids matter too early in life and never had a chance to build a career and achieve financial freedom. And their family ventures don’t seem to be successful. Some became single moms. Some have got a full house – a child and a husband. And in both cases women had to work.  In fact, in all cases and under any circumstances women are employed. Can you even imagine not working woman??!! Is she lazy or crazy??!! Women cannot possibly imagine that they can have an option of not working. Do not expect help or support from your husband. Relying on someone’s help is humiliating. Remember? Girl learned it very well by now. And it is a status quo today – both parents need to work. I want to be able to wake up and it was just a bad dream, not a reality.

Success matters and nothing else!

By the age of 24-35 years, those girls have achieved a lot in business, diplomas, but absolutely unhappy and lonely. They have never felt what it means to be a beloved woman. Nonetheless, they can afford expensive and fashionable clothes, personal driver and their very own apartment they proudly earned themselves.

The masculine world has its own laws and orders. One of the important laws of the masculine world is the competition for the first place. They often fight simply to experience the joy of the fight. That gives them an influx of strength and testosterone. Man feels excellent by winning this fight, so he can be patronizing those who lost.

Struggle and competition have a different effect on women. Victory does not bring her happiness. Stress does not allow her to relax and enjoy the victory if she won. She just accumulated testosterone and depleted her oxytocin – hormone responsible for motherhood. And no wonder there are wealthy women out there who have fertility issues.

If you are to list men’s skills a woman possesses in an effort of becoming successful, you will get list as follows:

• Get more.

• Lead.

• Give orders and clear instructions.

• Asking for help is humiliation and defeat.

• Take responsibility.

• Be an advocate.

• Intimidate.

• Ultimatums.

• Proactive actions.

• Attack and insult, so they leave you alone.

• Do not pay much attention to little things in life.

• Concentrate on the project, forget about everything else.

• Avoid emotional conversations and clarification of relationships.

All this describes the behavior of men, which are absolutely natural for them. The reasons men live by those principles are because they have different tasks created for them by the nature, evolution and society.

For women, compliance with such rules and behaviors became very expensive.

Don’t expect help!

There is a notion that children need to be brought hard working, self reliant, making smart choices in life. However, that model is only applied to a boy. Girls need to be brought up as princesses. Like Barbies. Being adults those strong successful women are dreaming to become a little child again and your parents would take care of you, take you by the hand, make decisions for you so you would not have to make them… Kids are associated with care free life, but once you become an adult – you must grow up, focus, think, make plans, live in fear, work, survive. No. It is only applicable to boys. Girls always have to stay like kids – naive, trusting and kind. And it is possible! How? There is a tradition that the girl needs to be protected at all time first by her father, then by the husband and later by the son. This absolute truth I figured out by the age of 30 after following this set of rules, always being stressed, scared of the future, single and very unhappy, just trying to create an artificial happiness. I did not know that there are some rules of a womanly life. But again generations ago the world have lost this knowledge. Noone knows. And now we keep telling our children that there is no one to rely on, they need to be strong. We tell it to both boys and girls. It does not matter if that child is a girl – she lives on the masculine side and according to masculine laws it is not acceptable to be weak, give up and ask for help. Help from others is embarrassing.

So you grew up in the male world, learned and lived by male rules and principles. You forgot you are a woman. Your Life force was sucked out of you by this strenuous life with no break for true happiness. That is because you lived your life that was never yours. It doesn’t feel good, does it? I want to believe that this girl is having the blast and I hope she will never know the rules and principles we learned and followed.