Every divine woman should know the rules of finding new love, universal laws of happiness. There is a certain secret – love has to go through certain stages for the harmony to appear. It is described in Vedic scriptures in details. Therefore, I am not making this up. I am only a messenger.

Rule one. Any man can take me out and treat me as a queen until he proved the opposite.

Decoding: 1. a woman must go on a date with anyone; 2. she must never tolerate indecent behavior of a man she goes out with. Man’s perseverance and proper behavior conquers woman’s heart. He has a right to take care of a woman, regardless whether she likes him or not. A woman falls in love gradually. If a man does everything right, then the woman begins to melt. You see no reason not to take his attention. Woman must take courtship from any person – suddenly after a while you realize he is your other half and you did not even think so in the beginning.

Woman can enjoy attention from infinite number of people. This situation offers you several advantages. First, you would not fall in love with the wrong person too soon. Competition improves the quality on the market! Second, you would not have a thought of sleeping with any of them. And even if one of them awarded you an apartment on Cayman island – all you have to say ‘thank you’ and, smile. Men starts the process of winning you over because he wants you physically! Not because he wants to take care of you for the rest of his life. I believe when a woman has many admirers – she is a star. She is the queen.

Have you ever had a fan club? Think about it. Not this type of fan club when you are married but this guy from work is hitting on you. I call it rule of 3. 3 admirers at the same time. Not having “life experience” and at least 3 consecutive long term relationships which did not work out despite the fact that you were the best cook and the porn star. You have to have 3 of your fans at the same time. When there is only one who is interested – you will fall in love too soon for no cause with the wrong person. I guarantee. Because all women do. It is better to get tired from endless dates than from loneliness.

When one of your fans begins to misbehave you say: “Felix, you do not belong in a club of worthy men, I do not want to talk to you” and go on a date with Albert. If Albert behaves badly, he joins the club of Felix. Woman with a capital W does not tolerate indecent behavior of any of her fans despite the fact that he bought her an apartment on Caymans as a gift. The goddess (you) has a different value system. And your goal is to cultivate from your fan club a man who will like to be your husband. It is, indeed, indecent behavior when a man expects sex from you for his gifts - it is called extortion.

Rule two. Date any man, but don’t sleep with anyone.

Men deceived women and introduced a standard of sex in relationship especially when you are finding a new love. They already on the first date dream to drag a woman to a bed. Women think if sex happens then it will be a closed deal. No!!

For men, sex is a sexual act itself. For a woman, sex is much broader – words, declarations of love, hugs, gifts, treats …Date and sleep are two separate things. A worthy woman understands this well. When finding new love dating becomes a way to receive attention, courting, caring. If a man does not like those state of art rules of happiness, then this is not your man. But when you have a fan club – you would not have to care about what one does. You have better candidates in line waiting...

Sexual relations should be built according to women’s desires (with a husband). Physiologically, a man can have sex only when he wants. A woman can at any time, even if she does not feel like it. What if there are some misunderstanding, a different vision of having sex situation while dating? Woman does not concede while dating by any means! Man concedes. Real man would never force pristine, chasty woman with high ethical standards. Whenever a man yields, he grows. This is a definite lesson for him. However, when a woman concedes, she starts to degrade.

And for a woman frivolous attitude towards sex is dangerous. Sex should be taken very seriously. The presence of sexually liberated women and irresponsible men has led to the fact that sex has turned into gymnastics for modern people. Pleasant gymnastics, but no more than that. Some magazines say that sex is important for her health: without it, she will become sick and die. This is ignorance! Therefore, choose yourself a man who is willing to communicate with you without sex, on a different level.

Rule three. For any courtship, you owe him nothing but a smile and ‘thank you’.

There is nothing that could oblige a woman to act according to the scenario of a man. Remember: a woman should communicate with those who increase her self-esteem. As soon as the behavior of one man is unacceptable, she stops communicating with him. We discussed it earlier. The indicator of a woman’s elevated self-esteem is when she thinks: “I build relationships how I want. I’m playing, not me.”

In today’s society nobody jumps to conclusion that just because John has a date or sex with Lucy tonight he is likely to marry her. I mean sure, down the road he will marry somebody he has dated, but chances it will be Lucy are slim. Sorry, Lucy.

Previously, society, traditions, parents protected the woman. She could not communicate freely with a man for a reason. Her father had to endorse the candidate for his daughter. Because women are naive and gullible like kids – someone from a family needs to protect them at all times. How do I know I am God damn right? Look at how many women are wandering around, looking for someone to take care of them and trying to earn love. And the first person who paid great attention to them becomes “the love of their life”. Nonetheless, again, Lucy, nobody promised you that John will marry you. And poor moden women have to go through trials.

Before he could ask for a permission of her father to marry him, he had to prove himself. In the modern world, there is no such protection for women by family. It remains only in traditional societies, where we do not belong any more. The fear of losing a man is the main weapon for manipulating a woman. Irresponsible, pleasure seeking men knows that. That is the reason why i invented this rule of 3. That becomes a defense mechanism from them. Rule of 3 will determine the best candidate. All men who compete for you should know about your fan club. In that situation, you reveal your best qualities.

What is so frustrating, is that how many women themselves will object to my proposed philosophy – it is not possible to date a man, dreaming about marriage and not sleep with him! Men cannot live in abstinence. They should be “encouraged”. Why would you care?! Are you volunteering for sexual relief society? What is abstinence for a woman? Lack of affection, sweets, clothes, pleasant troubles, hands of a loved one, his arms and kisses. It destroys and ages woman. And it’s not about sex at all. Real emotions are transmitted from the heart to the heart.

If at the time of courtship a man starts to demand something, if he does not pay enough attention, then it simply means he is not right for her. Imagine: you went shopping, put on twenty dresses, but bought only one. You bought the best one. Will you be sad that the rest did not fit? No. This man just did not suit you, even though he was cute at the first glance… You chose something else.

As a final word, you will not end up in a happy marriage if there is only one man in your life you are currently dating or maybe even sleeping. Descent woman does not have sex with a person who is not her husband.