According to Modern Feminism All Women Want is Sex

Sex and the City - the bible of modern feminism.

Let’s take those mid aged ladies from Sex and the city. Role models! We see a real story of women who only interested in sex. This show is not perceived as atrocious. It is accoladed and accepted by people. That means there is no morality left. Those distinguished women are called to set the spirit of our time. Women spent their lives going to bars, paying rent on Manhattan, looking for new guys in order to meet their daily requirements of quality orgasms. Settle down? It is for weird church people not for them! They are on the mission to find the best sex. This show again like porn - it does not seem natural for women to be that horny.

What kind of relationships they had with different guys? How can you tell which sex was the best? And what was man’s role in those relationships besides satisfying them? That is correct - there is no other role! So their goal is sex for the sake of sex. It sounds like a good deal for the male population. Consider this, they lived in a closed community and had sex with so many men over those years. What would happen if someone who is aware of their reputation would come to Karry, buy her a drink, and secretly show her his penis? Would that be a harassment? I think that would be a clear signal for her to carry out her biological and evolutionary role - to relieve this man. If a strange guy would show his penis to Samantha she would smile and be thankful for this opportunity given to her. So she would feel like a real woman. Men clearly expressed his desire to relieve himself. Can you imagine the magnitude of the tragedy? It seems like women always have to be prepared to be at the men’s disposal. That is how you become happy nowadays. Is it how the world now works? Or it is how they want you to think...

Big Bang Theory - another official source of modern feminism propaganda.

It is disgusting how they portray women in Big Bang Theory. Women are at the peak of their sexuality and they always initiate sex. Very horny if you wish. Is that what women want more than anything else in life in the era of modern feminism? We are being told that is the path to marriage. Therefore, you always expected to be available to satisfy your man at all times and always initiate this satisfaction therapy yourself.

It is rather ridiculous and insane to see Penny struggle with her acting career and being unhappy with the fact that she has not achieved anything and she doesn’t really like working at the Cheesecake factory. But she is always horny - is the fact. She needs a man not to look after her or maybe share the rent bill but to fuck her. Once Penny advised Amy to use sex as a manipulation tool to get what she wants from Sheldon. Nevertheless, Amy said that she did not know that sex can be used to get what you want from the man. Penny replied - "come on. This is what sex is for". This poor woman is in distress because she is employed as a waitress, she cannot pursue her dreams and she is behind on her bills. What exactly she is getting from her man by using sex as a method of manipulation?

Woman is happy. He is happy. He's got a great job, she serves him dinner at the Cheesecake, he is not responsible for her financially and she always has great sex with him. Isn’t it what every man wants? He gives the most precious gift she can ever receive - his penis. He satisfies her sexually with no strings and no drama! You would consider having sex under a burden of unpaid bills would be a problem even for a guy. No! They can simply have sex at her apartment. It is her burden, not his!

Howard with Bernadette. On the third date, she said - "you know what the third date means?" He said - "No"! She said - "It means sex!" And she said it like she would about something arduous and not really pleasurable. She was certainly not horny when she was proposing sex. Even Howard was shocked and did not know that it means sex. Women are quite pathetic in this scenario. Women are told to have sex with men and only in that case, you have a chance to become a wife. Have you ever seen men buying before trying? Only weird church people do it! But “normal” people understand that men do not marry a woman if he did not have sex with her. And we live by this nonsense.

Men is pathetic as well. They are being portrayed that their sexual relief is required for health reasons. If they don’t have it they die. So woman always should be there for her man to relieve him if she wants to get married. And if she does it more enthusiastically than all his previous ones - he might choose you. That is the paradigm now.

Amy Schumer - spokesmodel of the modern feminist movement.

Women are dethroned, humiliated and had to earn the love of men by showing them their porn skills. And yet harassment is not ok. Amy Schumer is super cool chick who tells the truth. She was fingered by a cab driver at her request!! Role model. Back then we were forced to get married, have kids and were so unhappy because there were no other options. Now there are myriad of options - work, sex with a stranger, non affordable child care, single mom duties. And let’s be honest and take the time to realize the horror of the situations women find themselves today.

Women forgot their sacred role and divine nature. They became whores thanks to contemporary feminism propaganda machine. A prostitute charges money for sex. But there is no need to pay for it, because it is openly accessible at no charge. They just have to say a sweet lie and sex is yours. Women who have sex for free often cannot be called prostitutes or whores - they just using men to meet their own daily sex requirements. Here is the secret - women have sex outside of marriage, because they sincerely believe that they sleep with their future husband. He just hasn’t made a move. However, he is in love. He will be ...

Really, people, Really? Everyone is living with this mindset - sex is the foundation of a progressive family. Look around - who hasn't had a satisfactory sex before marriage? 98% started their family in this fashion in the western world (Chastity is for "weird" church people). And 75% of them are scheduled for divorce. So sex is clearly not enough to keep people together. Then what is the secret sauce? I will answer give you all the answers on my blog. Stay tuned.

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