About me

THat is me

Hi! May I have your full attention please? Because what I am about to share with you can change lives of people of the whole country and potentially the whole world. Yes, you heard me right – the whole world. And you, my beloved reader, should be flattered because I am sharing my message with you first.

Let me start by asking you a question. What is this thing people want the most? All humans in the world? And I dare to answer for all humans in the world – happiness. And yes everyone defines happiness differently. For some it might be making humans multi planetary species and for some is to love and be loved. I must admit we all seek happiness, we thrive when we happy and we are sad when we are not, and when we are not happy – we create a plan how to achieve this state of mind. Some people do indeed achieve it and some don’t, some achieve the illusion of happiness, and some people even give up to seek and choose to live this insipid and vapid life without being truly happy.

And I am here to tell you – if you solve the problem of happiness every other problem will be solved as a result. Sure I can be pithing new modernization plan for the country or how to find cure for cancer and be the most innovative country in the world! Well, I can do that as well. But we need to solve happiness first.

Can you imagine having the country full of happy people, country where there is no single moms, where kids are being conceived with love and because of love, where the divorce rate and abortion rate is close to zero, where there no orphans left?

Here on my blog I will uncover the secret of true happiness. Follow along.

What makes me think that I am right? And why would you listen to me? Those are valid concerns/questions.

First of all, I did not start this blog to solve people’s happiness by teaching them how to get laid or how to get the best orgasm possible. There are multiple resources for that matter out there. To me they are quite atrocious. I started this blog to teach my noble men and women how to start, develop great relationships leading to happy marriage and a family. And “how to get laid” does not come together with happy marriage.

Second of all, I have developed unique theory/approach based on reading ancient slavic Vedic scriptures and combined that knowledge (so important and yet forgotten) with the knowledge of evolutionary biology. Yes, evolutionary biology. To tell you the secret, evolution is the mother of all scientific disciplines. It is the cause and the consequence of them all. As you know – the theory can be a valid theory when you have multiple lines of evidence of something being true. Here I have it. And I would love to share it with the world.

Attention for all women – have you ever dreamed of the scenario when he goes down to his knees with the heart pumping up and asks you to marry him and really does not know if you are going to say yes but really hoping so? You thought it is only in the movie? I can tell you right now – it is real. And that is what I am going to teach you on this blog.