6 Stages Of Relationship Development You Don't Want To Skip

It says in ancient Vedic scriptures – a man is incomplete without a woman, just like a woman is incomplete without a man. That means people can only live in pairs. Live without a couple – a wife or a husband – is not normal. Only the saints and the lunatics can live without a couple – also says in the scriptures. I will give you a playbook how to develop healthy relationships if you are still single. The harmony and adjustment between lovers, spouses occurred gradually – in steps. And if the initial stage or some steps were skipped, nothing will happen further until you return to the missed step and do it all over again.

1.Physical Attractiveness.

The main reason man begins new relationships with a woman is because he wants her. He is attracted to her appearance. It is written in scriptures that a woman should never listen to what man says during courtship (dating), because he is deceiving her. Because he is sick, he has a love fever. They say that a man does not get karmic consequences for his deception at this stage. Because during this period he is sick. Ladies should know that man is evaluated not by words, but by his deeds. That is the reason why the process of courtship should be long, so he can show who he really is with his deeds. If a woman simply listens to what man is saying at first, most likely, she will be deceived.

A man is drawn by the appearance of a woman, a woman is attracted by the intellect of a man. Physical attractiveness is the energy that can raise a man to the seventh floor. If a woman is very much in love at first sight – then it’s all her illusion. If enough time for a relationship has not been given (“I saw him and immediately realized!”) – the woman turns on the imagination. According to Vedas, woman in this case needs to close her eyes, ears and mouth and escape from this place immediately and return never again.

What does a woman pay attention to when fresh relationships begin? The intellect of a man. That man spoke well. That means his head was thinking. The intellect usually manifests itself in conversations. Is it enough to get married? The answer is no. Let’s consider the opposite situation. Man is speaking with a very beautiful woman, but suddenly it turns out that she is rather weak intellectually. Will it stop a man at the beginning of his journey, in the process of courtship and hunting for sex? Of course not! To be honest, it gives her some bonuses. What if a woman finds out during dating that he has beautiful buttocks and bottomless eyes and no intellect at all? Will it stop her? Men and women are just so different. Even our relationships are built-in different ways and only sometimes they intersect and synchronize.

I explain in details why men like that and how to protect yourself from falling in love too soon with a wrong person in earlier articles. Read them while you are still single. I promise, you will avoid many mistakes and will end up in a happy marriage!

2. Stage of Uncertainty.

This stage must be mandatory! First, a man is winning over her attention, and after his victories, he suddenly feels like a complete idiot – he does not wish to call her. “Maybe it’s not her.” Man must go through the phase of a doubt. If he suddenly disappears – accept it, do not call  him “trying to figure out our relationship, Scott”. The most idiotic question that a woman can ask at this stage is “Why do you treat me so bad?”. He does not even know himself how he treats her at this stage. The man‘s psyche acts according to the principle of suspenders – the further he moves away, the more he will be retracted back.

3. Exclusivity. Stage of emotional harmony.

If the man has correctly passed the stage of doubt, meaning the woman did not interfere it with her calls, and did not punish him when he finally called (“before it was necessary to call – now the train has left”), he has an acute desire to meet only this woman. This stage does not imply physical intimacy. It can only worsen the relationship at this stage. Women usually spoil everything when they do not give the man time to doubt, and often at the 15th year of marriage, this man still remains at the stage of uncertainty.

4. Stage of intellectual harmony.

Man and woman touch each other emotionally in a new relationships. A man takes an interest in her intelligence at this stage. How quickly does a man establish sexual harmony with a woman? The first second he saw her. If a woman is attractive, the sexual harmony established already in his head. There is no point of building relationships, studying her inner world when sex already happened. Does man have a thought of getting married after sex? Of course, not. But modern woman still wants to rebuild casual sex into a happy marriage, and this is almost impossible. Because there is no emotional and intellectual harmony.

When a man communicates with a woman for a long time, he becomes interested in what is in her head, how she sees the world, what she likes, what she does not like, what she reads, etc. Only at this level, after 6 months, a woman looks at a man and understands whether she likes or dislikes him physically. Until this point, she does not yet understand it. That’s right! Woman starts to be interested in a man after about six months of dating. If a woman fell in love with immediately – this is a sign of inferiority complex. That means she has not had anyone for a long time, she has invented her own happiness, and it is a sign that her new relationships have gone in a very dangerous direction.

Your goal is to develop relationships. A man should have an interest in a woman by listening to her. Thus, she has to speak what’s on her mind, dump her mental garbage into your man! And some women think that “decent girls are silent” or men don’t like smart women. That is a myth. Remember, Divine woman must speak what's in her mind. I talked about that in the early articles.

5. Relationships of the souls.

Only after their lengthy verbal communications comes the harmony of their souls. In order to create this harmony, man should listen carefully to his woman, because everything she says is important. Man, you need to find out what’s in her head. You need to listen carefully, and she will tell you everything honestly. If man can deceive a woman with his words at the initial stage, she can deceive him at all stages with her deeds: cooking, washing, cleaning, take care of his pet. It’s all called cunning to tie a man with comfort. Women often practice this.

People go deeper into life and hearts of each other. Before that, it was easier for a woman to hide her negative traits, but at this stage the reverse side of the medal is already visible. If a woman at this stage cannot open and become herself, still tries to look nice, doesn’t show her negative emotions, that means she does not trust this man. It is less painful to break up relationships than to turn them into an unhappy marriage. But if you become yourself, before this stage, it can lead to disappointment.

6. Engagement, Wedding and then perhaps sex...

The stage of relationship which precedes marriage. Every married couple should be able to imagine and remember themselves at the engagement stage. You are like his wife, but you can leave any time saying “I love you, but not enough to stay with you all my life.” However, after completing all the stages of the relationship we begin to love. One Hindu asked American: “Do you know why you have so many divorces? Because you always strive to immediately marry those you love, and we try to love those whom we got married.” This may seem absurd, but passing through all stages, a person has the opportunity to determine whether this is a real love.What if those stages are not passed, but the relationships already exist? As a rule, you need to start over. It’s like a locksmith work – if the bolt does not go in, becomes crooked, an experienced locksmith will unscrew it and twist it again. It is useful for the couple to get to know each other again. You can start with the stage of uncertainty. Many relationships become very warm and sincere as soon as they are part! So it is important to go back a few steps and try again. All couples should strive to build such relationships where the marriage remains a dessert on the abundant festive table, and not the only dish.

Early faithfulness aka the consequences of “fast” sex.

If sex happens too early, a woman considers a man as her husband, even before a man decides to build any relationships with her. This happens because women’s attachment goes through certain stages: the intellectual attractiveness of a man, then spiritual warmth and only then physical intimacy. And if there is physical intimacy, that means she went through all the stages. The closest person now is her husband. Nevertheless, the stages are not passed! She skipped them! If a woman becomes intimate with a man too early, she feels that she is being robbed all the time. A man does not understand her inner world, her soul, her divine nature. As a result – broken heart, hysteria, abusive relationships. We now call them long term relationships. That is why please read this article while you are still single.

Modern society positions a man and a woman simply as two identical partners. However, suddenly it turns out that this is not true. It is a lie. Sex between a man and a woman is different. For a man, sex is a simple movement, there is not much difference for him if there is a woman present at all. He is important in that process. Everything else is an entourage. For woman sex is maximum openness, the peak of relationship, when a woman can trust a man to fully open up emotionally. It is extremely difficult to build nowadays. But after reading this article you will do well.