Myths Debunked: Love Is Not His Motivation For Marriage. And Love Does Not Live In His Heart!

Man needs to be pleased with himself.
Throughout his life, a guy pursues something. Call it self-satisfaction, the drive to keep himself pleased with himself– with who he is, exactly what he does, and who he does it with. There are many sophisticated manly motivations but the main one is – he reserve the right to judge himself and evaluate every outcome of his actions by himself. It symbolizes his independence.

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Those Rules Meghan Markle Used To Get Prince Charming to Commit.

If a man becomes friends with a woman, he is sexually attracted to her. He will tend to stay focused on the sexual. Women’s job is to develop and keep emotional channels.
Be patient. You need many months to allow time for a good man to change to meet your expectations. And, he has to do it mostly at his own motivation and time; your role is secondary. First, he downgrades his primary interest in conquest to include stronger interest in you. Then, he expresses his commitment with words that brighten your future. Then, he morphs into a state of devotion clearly exhibited by his actions to please himself just for wanting to please you. Then, he finds himself deeply devoted, and it shifts his focus to the promise you hold for his life and ambition.

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How To Avoid The Pain When Being Dumped By A Guy

You did not detect warning signs. He disappeared without hint of dissatisfaction, never came back, and refused to call with an explanation. In my perception there are 2 conditions she can be dumped:

One senario: Early faithfulness as consequences of “fast” sex.

If sex happens too early a woman considers a man as her husband, even before a man decides to build any relationships with her. This happens because women’s attachment goes through certain stages: the intellectual attractiveness of a man, then spiritual warmth and only then physical intimacy. And if there is physical intimacy, that means she went through all the stages. The closest person now is her husband. But the stages are not passed! She skipped them! If a woman becomes intimate with a man too early, she feels that she is being robbed all the time. A man does not understand her inner world, her soul, her divine nature. As a result – broken heart, hysteria, abusive relationships. We now call them long term relationships.

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The Most Outrageous Myths About Kamasutra and Possession of Women By Goddesses Associated with Sergey Brin

The Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu text composed by Vatsyayana. The Kamasutra is believed to be a manual of sexual intercourse positions by most western societies, but the Kamasutra is a guide that helps people to achieved moral and honorary lifestyles. It talks about the nature of love, family lifestyles, forms of marriage, duties of a wife, what behavior a man and woman should display, traits to consider when choosing a partner and ways to develop physical attraction. It talks about stages of life, reincarnation and the life purpose of a person!!! So happy we got it down!

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tired woman

Aesop’s Fables How a Woman Successfully Found Wisdom WIthin Herself. Suffering Was Not Necessary.

“Oh, the road to you, Wisdom, is not easy,” the woman complained. – I almost died, getting to you.
– You can get to me uning different ways. You can get to me through suffering and overcoming difficulties. Certainly. 
-Why is it so dark in here? I can not see your face.
“It’s dark in your head.” You need to cleansed the darkness within yourself and Enlightenment will come to you!
“That is all I do – sacrifice, love my kids, I forgive, I practice, I am improving. Is there still some dirt left?
“What are you doing this for?” – Wisdom Asked.
– I felt bad, very bad. If I did not clean, I would collapse.
“You are cleansed from one dirt and then you let another one in.” Purification for the sake of purification – Sisyphean labor. What is your Higher Purpose?
– Love.
– So love.
– I can not love. He does not accept my love.
– INot possible. HE is love. If you meant really God. The Creator.
– No, I’m talking about my husband.
– You’re lying. You do not have a husband.
– Well, officially we are not married, but we have been together for a long time.
– You’re lying. You are not together and never were.
“But I want us to be together!” For this I entered the Path of Change!
“So you’re changing for him?”

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How Muslim Community was Impacted by the West via Globalization Established New Online Privacy

West is the golden standard and should be adopted with enthusiasm, consequently accepted by everyone because it is a synonym of innovation. When western pioneers discuss being enlightened they mean how well the Muslim World accepted the advanced western lifestyle. That implies, to be cultivated you ought to have not only a customary wired phone but rather a remote/PDA, TV, autos, PCs and different amenities of the western present day life. You also need to copy western lifestyle.
On the highest priority on that curtail comes ladies’ freedom. That is, if ladies in your way of life are not ‘free’ you should be ‘harass’ your females, and you are graceless! Nicolas Sarkozy is the example of ‘refined’ and ‘humanized’ French society.

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