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Russia launched a new startup for schools – Moral Fundamentals and Importance of a Family – Will Transform Society and already Left Angela Merkel speechless!

West thrown away morality, it became soulless society is always better for capitalism – people are under constant pressure of commercial and social factors and expectations (aka what colour is buttwhol “are you going to have an erection”). It is destructive for the personality, family, nation and state. Younger generation has sex just because they are bored.

Russia made young generation as a strategic resource – the one you can bet everything and you will will always win. And Russians being realistic and naming the problem – they noticed  devaluation of family values amongst teenagers and rather deviant behaviour was considered cool. If you are richest in every aspect of your social behaviour – you are not cool, you get bullied.
For this reason, they created the course “The moral foundations of family life” for the 10th – 11th grades as a living and effective reference point to grow up with the right knowledge.
The objectives of this course are:
understanding  gender differences, know your gender’s strength and weaknesses and act accordingly in the family.
awareness, moral readiness and the importance of creating a new life.
Men’s understanding of his responsibilities and care for the social and psychological well-being of his family, the  the present and the future.
Ok Let’s go take a look inside of this book!!!

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You Think You Know About Millennial Dating – Benching, Ghosting, Gaslighting and “Gatsbying”, But You Really Don’t!

Won’t this impact our dating behaviors? If we only broadcast the “look at me”, are we able to deal with the side of rejection, detachment, and non-commitment? Are you surprised when people blow you off or lead you on aka ghost, bench, gaslight or breadcrumb? Yet another paradox. Here we are thinking the world is a positive and reinforcing place, that we are interesting, we’re so popular; that is why we get ghosted, breadcrumbed and benched.

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Get Guy Kawasaki on WhatsApp We are discussing – How Women Find Themselves In the Situation Where Abortion Is The only Option?

What would be the reason a woman would be charged if it was a rape or genetically defective embryo? And what would be a good enough reason for a woman to get rid of this child? Is that a legitimate reason that the dad is gone so she can have an abortion? Or it is not a good enough reason and she will go to jail. Why did it become a moot-point? Why are women screaming about their right to choose? Because they had sex and it was great, but for negligence, they could go to jail. And what happened to the woman’s mother? Do women nowadays only feel sexual desire and have no maternal instinct?

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The Disturbing Origins of The Main Women Issue Today – Women Forgot That They Are Women!!!

Indian civilization has been deep ever since Vedic times, with the changing society it had Western influence, some for good and some non. The young are puzzled with western brands, their lifestyle, the measure of life and social values. Today life in a relationship is a common matter: premarital sex, miscarriages and suicides all be increasing at an alarming rate with every passing day. Adopting a western civilization of lifestyle is not harmful, but it is not all aspects that you should follow. Be specific in embracing the good facets that aid and bring value to life, thought and career. Blindly embracing everything that does its way in the name of westernization is not smart. Be attentive and pick the right matters, not all.
While women have been repressed in many fields of the globe, in Western civilization there exist a lot of shows of independence. This is just window dressing, nonetheless. Also present in Western civilization be a bunch of outlooks and yet some gaslighting for families who stray from societal norms. Before Womynist feminism, women were actively discouraged from doing anything that didn’t require being a homemaker and mother. Sure, they gave an important role in the household, but the value was constantly put on the study that men made, because this is the only work that is compensated by salaries. The insidious echoes of the devaluation of “ women’s employment ” such as cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and social preparation even follow Western culture today, and there are also a lot of businesses out there that exist ( unnecessarily) gender-biased, such as nursing or secretarial work.

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Unspoken Issues and The Emotional Pain Of Western Women

This month marks the one-year anniversary of what members of the media and activists have named the resistance. In the past year, resistance has taken many forms, from marches to town hall gatherings, and it has covered a range of issues, including women’s rights. Over the weekend, people around the nation rallied to commemorate the first anniversary of the Women’s March, which was energized by the #MeToo and #TumbsUp movements. That is why I decided to write stories that have not received enough attention in historical textbooks, cultural narratives and modern media.

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5 actions of successful Teaching Morality and Ethics Would Save American Failing Education System

In today’s world he can get you pregnant and disappear. Sometimes with the reasoning – we both were young and in love, but i was not ready to become a father. And that is because young women are neither being watched out by their parents nor being educated on the subject. Young women in schools are not being taught that there is a man out there and you most likely will end up with one of them. And it is a duty of schools and society to teach not about contraception methods and fear mongering with STD’s . This sets her for false belief that she is empowered from now on and she can now go and explore her sexuality (aka “how to up bring the whore”). It also gives men an opportunity to fuck as many women as they want. Finally. Schools and parents basically saying a word of wisdom to young generation – here is a condom and you are now prepared for life.

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