Poverty Is The Only Reason Young People Do Not Get Married Nowadays

Young adults today are marrying at lower rates than previous generations, and self-reports suggest that a lack of economic security plays a role in the decline. However, it is unclear which aspects of economic security truly matter with regard to young adult marriage rates: is it a matter of employment, wages, poverty, or housing? Or, do all these factors matter? Moreover, how does the measurement of each concept matter to understanding how an economic prerequisite to marriage may operate among young adults? Finally, are the economic characteristics of men more relevant to marriage rates than those of women, as research about previous generations suggests?

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Men Are Exempt From Marriage Nowadays Research Says

Economic security play an important role in their likelihood to marry. Being a single woman is associated with the poverty, high housing costs, and living in the home of a parent were associated with lower marriage rates across counties. In the past men’s economic characteristics are more often significantly associated with marriage than those of women, as more resent research suggests that the economic characteristics of both men and women matter to marriage among young adults today. From all this scientific jazz it is clear that people are not necessarily having fewer children; they are simply less inclined to be married due economic reasons. As cohabitation and out-of-wedlock births increase among the broader population, social scientists predict that marriage with children will continue its decades-long retreat into relatively high-income exclusivity.

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attract your soulmate

Attract Your Dream Mate! What Do You Have To Lose?

I don’t know how much will you be agree with that, but the statement should be adjusted to:
A Confident Person, No Matter Guy Or Girl, Young Or Old, Is Always An Attractive Person.
A confident, relaxed and happy person is always attractive. And, relaxed and happy personality is the result of confidence. Now, let’s see what confidence leads to in your love life:
A confident person always feels good about him/herself. When you feel good about yourself, you tend to be more positive about your surroundings, it doesn’t matter how you look like, or whether you are tall, short, thin or fat. You tend to smile more, you tend to talk more with others, and you will not be easily depressed.

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male opportunist

Are You Creating Freeloader aka Male Opportunist With Your Own Hands?

Is boyfriend different from husband who takes financial responsibility for you and you get to look pretty on your wedding. But boyfriend offers none of that of husband, he doesn’t offer you a wedding gig, and LISTEN TO THAT – you have you share and split… All I wish for is that this moron could split his own head in half with an ax. And I am not even joking – those boyfriends are everywhere. Lots of girls accept their abominable and humiliating conditions – move in, have regular sex with his, feed his and his dog, clean the apartment, and in the evening we have sex again. Women actually are falling in love with their own tormentors, Fact. It sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me!

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online dating

Online Dating – The Best Healing Medicine For a Broken Soul

Online dating – Cure for Loneliness of our Millennials? 
Singles people will be constantly in search for their romantic partner anywhere it is possible. Knowingly or Unknowingly. It is a fact. Now that, with the increasing usage of internet dating people who are looking for fun or love can easily find it out. It is just like you shop something out of internet. You can have anything and everything. Most people in the past looked their partner in their locality, places like church, grocery store, work place, dance halls, bars and so on. However these places are really very boring to go and meet someone. We come in contact with many people each day but we cannot consider them as a potential date. You may meet interesting people but we are clueless about the entire dating relationship. 

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lost love

Lost Love Or Love Destroyed Your Life?

For a person in deep and fanatic love, nothing matters other than love. All other talents take a back seat and the only driver is love. This kind of love destroys. Love that could have been very inspiring destroys instead. To save yourselves from such destruction, you must always keep a level headed approach towards everything. You must sit back and reflect. Find out if you are missing larger goals? Think about time management and thought management. Discuss this out with your sweetheart. He/She will surely help you in such a situation. One who loves you, wants you to grow. So discuss this. Think, reflect and make other goals equally important once again in life. Fall in love. Enjoy the bliss of love. But let that love not destroy your personality.

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