Confirmed What Men Want From Women In A Relationship

What needs men and women seek to satisfy when they are “in love” and in the relationships? And oh boy, everyone has so high expectations!!! It is still a thing to be in love and be exclusive for each other? Or is it?.. What does a couple have in common, and what are the differences? Of course, I will be formulating my opinion about modern free of moral standards society of non objectified women and irresponsible pleasure seeking men. Let’s find out what men and women want and expect when in relationship…

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The Ultimate Secret To A Happy Marriage Is Dating!!!

Let’s break the spell
Women of all cultures need to set themselves free from “You are not important” mentality. It’s time for us to admit and accept our own significance. Admit and accept the importance of our needs! We need to learn to accept our dependent personality disorder as our true nature without being used and ridiculed. Allow yourself to feel your needs and act in harmony with them.

If I cook for myself, I cook very simple. Then why we all become gourmet cooks for our men? What kind of power do they have over us? Do not be his servant – men will not notice your greatness, they instead will take it for granted. He needs to serve you, because you are a high maintenance. That is right! Again, I talked a lot about women in modern society – they are valued the same as the loaf of bread in the grocery store. Literally!

Do not try to lure him in with sex. That is a dead end. Because guess what – we view sex very differently than man. After having sex with a man we likely develop emotional connection, love, feelings aka dependent personality disorder. That is because sex and relationships were not as they are today. Women used to be protected in that society. It is a well known tradition that the future husband was asking her father’s permission. And the first man she was left alone in a room was her husband. So she could make a transition from being a daughter to being a wife without being worried about her own future. Yes. It was a social norm when women married virgin. Now it is unheard of and only for “weird church people”.  

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How To Be Happy If You Are A Woman

For a long time success of a woman has been firmly linked to her family status – whom she is married to, how successful and reliable her husband is, and what is the status of her family in society in general. This tradition has been established in society not decades ago, and not even centuries. For thousands of years there was a man between the social world and the woman there he opened up additional opportunities for her to survive and prosper. 

Today that tradition has been replaced with single, successful, empowered non objectified, independent, strong, hard working women. But it does not change our biological program installed by the evolution – I would say we have evolutionary memory about who we are and what we really want. Due to this memory we know true desires of our heart, despite the fine work of propagandistic machinery. We cannot change and forget our habits. Acting according to you biological nature was considered as “expected behavior”. It was the best combination to ensure the survival of the species.

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Unconventional View Of Dependent Personality Disorder

The prohibition of happiness for women.
“I know how to behave with men. I know all the tricks and tips of being attractive. I feel them intuitively: how to look at them or how to remove a strand of hair from my face.” Remember the song: “Ladies with an attitude! Don’t just stand there! Let’s get to it! Strike the pose, there is nothing to it… Vogue!” Going back to our lady with an attitude… “I know that men need to be praised, they like compliments. I know that they need to be fed. I can do it all! But why doesn’t it work? Why they disappear and never commit to serious relationship? I’m doing everything right! What’s wrong with me?”. Does it sound familiar??

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