5 Types Of Lies Told By Your Unloving Mother

What kind of lessons about the world did you learn from your “beloved” mother? Remember, how many teenagers committed suicide before society started paying serious attention to youth suicide, which for a long time was considered an unpleasant but “normal” phenomenon. As they say – difficult teenagers… There is sacred and arcane mythology around motherhood – myth that mother’s love is instinctive, that all mothers love their children, that mother’s love is always unconditional. Today I can freely and openly talk about how many children (I was one of them) remain with unmet emotional needs, verbally humiliated and having no answers why family can hurt so bad.

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Untold Shocking Truth About Origins of Feminism Revealed

Manual labor became women’s fate.
Working hard is rather an acquired habit than a natural tendency of people; and women seemed to adopt enthusiastically “steady job” mentality without rejections and questioning. The busy bee, the builder-beaver, the ant – she was never lazy. At the dawn of capitalism, industrial revolution and technological progress people knew that labor was natural state to a man and the main question was how to give men enough work (you probably thinking). No. The original problem was how to make men work.

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Women Don’t Know Who They Are. Part 2

Are you ready to get back home?
In the previous article we learned that this world has two halves – male and female.
Modern society became so atomized that each of these halves considers themselves self-sufficient, independent from each other. But these two worlds cannot exist without each other.
For several decades, women have been taught to act and think like a man. They declared – women are equal to men! As a result of new paradigm men began to rule the world and dictate their rules. Both men and women now have to play by male’s rules. The rules of the female half of the world were just forgotten. There was a confusion. Men and women assembled in the male half of the world and began to fight for the place under the sun.
The female half of the world was left almost uninhabited.
Several generations have changed, and people have forgotten about the loss. They began to believe that the world is very small. In this small world, men and women started feeling lonely and sad for no obvious reason. That happened because the knowledge about the soul and true love have been lost on the other half. The male half of the world is now densely populated, while female half of the world has only a few happy inhabitants.
Since ancient times, a woman was a guardian of the heart and the soul of her husband. Thanks to her his soul could sing. The woman herself was the SOUL of this world and the universe. Women knew a lot back then before the loss…Now, because of the overload of the male part and the small population of female one  – the world became unbalanced.
Women still want love and happiness, but don’t know how awaken the man’s soul. So they apply male methods.
Everything is messed up.

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mother and child

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World

Traditional values – what is wrong with them?!
Two thousand years ago the Indian poet Thiruvalluvar made such an observation: “Is it possible for a man to lack something if he has a good wife? And does a man have everything if he has a bad wife? “In the East, the woman and her role in society are treated with great respect. In the West, women are valued not more than a bread in the grocery store. Their contribution is discounted, undervalued and not recognized. In fact, this is the reason why women seek satisfaction and recognition in other spheres, because Western society has forgotten about their unique, vitally important role. Offended by ignorance, she seeks other means to obtain recognition, appreciation and love.

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Women Don’t Know Who They Are

Who are we – women living on this planet?
Mothers, miners, warriors, beauties, tender and affectionate, loving and loved, lonely and desperate, confident about their own unattractiveness. Women are simply throwing out of their heads the female thoughts. This list can go on without the end.
Modern society hung so many duties on our fragile shoulders. We became tough, put on the armor and try to survive at any cost.
Who did we become? What is the price?
What roles are now successfully performed by us? Isn’t it too expensive price to pay for being strong and omniscient women who are able to provide not only for herself, but also for grown up children and even for the husband?.. Many women now earn more than their husbands. Need a vacation? No problem! Your woman can take out the whole family for a retreat. Another question is, are they able replenish their energy levels and finally get some rest?The price we pay is sometimes too high.I have often meet women who are tired of life, of heavy workload. Hunched over, looking down to the ground, she took on the worries about the whole family, forgetting about rest and other joys of life. Under this unbearable weight they are not interested in personal life, their main goal is the survival of the family.
First, they live to raise children.
Then – to look after elderly parents.
Then – in order to “raise” the grandchildren and give them what they were deprived of. Between all of this, women manage to work, build a career, and study a lot. For what?
In the beginning of the life journey they still hope and dream for happiness and love. Then later on they understand that life has passed and it is foolish to dream about prince and life in his mansion. Her life was tough – what makes you think that her daughter’s life will be a fairy tail. Most likely not! That is why the mother is preparing her daughter to be a fighter, to be self reliant, independent very early in life. Many modern women go through the main years of life carrying the proud title – single moms. While serving others, some women suddenly hear sharp and bitter words.
– I’m tired of you…
What is on this side?

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