Where Relationships Between Man And Woman are Headed in the Next Five Years

There is much bigger meaning of relationships between man and woman besides selecting the best genes and ensuring survival of the fittest. Every person should go through the school of relationships in life. The science of relationships is considered the highest in the Vedic culture. If you understand the science of relationships, you practically understand everything. Relationships are everywhere in the family, on the street, at work. We always face some personalities, we alway enter relationships.

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Evolution Invented Love to Make Us Better People…

What is love?
As a result of numerous studies scientists came to the conclusion that love is the human quality that distinguishes us from the animal world. Love arises unconsciously, it is a set of feelings. It is also inherent in many animals: they form pairs which can exist for a very long time. Love is the quality invented by evolution to ensure better life and survival of children.
In order to raise the offspring, any woman should make a man to be her for so long, until the child can take care of his food on his own. Human offspring develops very slowly compared to other biological species. Therefore, the woman had to learn how to tie a man for a long time.  Evolution gave birth so-called biological love. Love is biochemical process in the body.

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Single Moms Phenomena Is a Plaque Of Modern Society

Women want to have kids. Really?
Here is my version on how those single moms appear in society. One case scenario. When a woman feels like it is time for her to have a child – she gets a boyfriend, falls in love, and during the act of love making accidentally becomes pregnant. And she rushes to share the great news with her boyfriend, the father of her child. She is thinking that he will immediately take responsibility for them and they will become a happy family. Of course, they will – it is his child! Some men accept the challenge and stay, some just leave you right away or even if they stayed they leave you later on.

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3 Reasons Long Term Relationship is the Weakest Link of Modern Society

Long term relationship aka “boyfriend girlfriend”
Why woman wants to fall in love, get married, have a family and kids? We all want that! No? Pure love and happiness in a beautiful house like a castle with lots of kids, 2 cars, 2 dogs and the most gorgeous, loving and caring man in the world. It does indeed sound like a fairy tail. It does sound like unattainable dream, because the reality is different. Reality is harsh. Because this wedding high can turn into mundane disgusting life destroying magic and love we thought would last forever.

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8 Things About Sex Your Relationship Coach Wouldn’t Tell You

All men are horny. And if you are not – you have a problem… bro
Here is another evolutionary biology 101 for men, women and sex between them. If you know from regular biology lessons – men cannot have sex when he does not want it. And good man will not even be turned on and would never have sex if he did not earn her. 
And there is another type of guy – pleasure seeking one. He thinks as follows. How can you not be turned on by a hot woman who is horny as hell and all she asks you to do is take your penis and perform. Isn’t what all men want – no drama, just sex, and eternal happiness. She is horny now – she does not have time to wait 3 dates. 

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sex and the city

According to Modern Feminism All Women Want is Sex

Sex and the City – the bible of modern feminism.
Let’s take those mid aged ladies from Sex and the city. Again role models! We see a real story of women who only interested in sex. And this show is not perceived as atrocious. It is watched by people. That means modern feminism is adopted as norm. Those distinguished women are called to set the the spirit of our time. Women spent their lives going to bars, paying rent on Manhattan, looking for new guys in order to meet their daily requirements of quality orgasms. Settle down? It is for weird church people not for them! They are on the mission to find the best sex. This show again like porn – it does not seem natural for women to be that horny.

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