10 Undeniable Facts Feminist Propaganda is Nonsense

How women become victims of feminist propaganda?

In my trilogy about evolutionary differences between a man and a woman I was talking about modern society where everyone works. Let’s talk about work, money and gender equality.

I want to start with myself. I absolutely considered feminist propaganda to be true. Just not so long ago I was convinced that women need to achieve success, build a career, become a leader, an entrepreneur or innovator in order to be worthy to meet a worthy man. And she can achieve those goals on her own like propagandistic machine tells us. If you notice feminists propaganda uses keywords like: objectified, sexism, equal opportunities. And look what I found - even in the dictionary those words come together: Objectified - degrade to the status of a mere object. "deeply sexist attitude that objectifies women".

More women fight this objectivism - the more it will be prevalent. Screaming and complaining about the problem does not solve the problem. It is like everyone talks that we need to fight bullying in schools. And where are we - have solved that problem yet? No! You cannot raise awareness and hoping that will solve the problem, because it does not. Problem is a symptom of a disease. And to solve the symptom you need to find what is causing the disease.

Now come back to objectified women and come up with a solution how can we stop objectifying them? Knowing this information I presented in my previous articles the solution is very intuitive. I am and we all need to realize that feminists paradigm makes society less happy, leads to higher divorce rate, contributes to mental illness and chronic depression in both men and women. And people blame technology, millennials, globalization and even capitalism for those problems. But no! Those are not at fault. Feminist equal rights movement is the cause. I lived by this paradigm and was fortunate to realize that this is not working neither for me nor for other divine goddesses in the society. And men are not to blame! There is no such a thing as a de novo douche bag or womanizer. We make them as such with the help of feminist propaganda.

Would I sound like the one who is objectifying women by stating that women were not built for work, competition, making money? And stand up for that statement. Does it mean she cannot become great in any field? She just has to have the right mindset. And I assure you feminist propaganda will not tell you what is the right way of being a woman and not being objectified. Yes, that is right - there are rules! And I am about to teach you those rules.

Let’s visit the history and find out when “work for money” took place? I think it is when capitalism made its way. And as we all know it thrives on exploitation of labour. And male labour was obviously not enough therefore women were called to work for money. Even kids were called. How do you like that? But guess what. Later child labour proclaimed as non humane and against human rights but women did not make a cut and were left as they are today - working, achieving success. Success that was defined by society and delivered into her head by its messengers - kindergarten and school.

Pure nonsense of feminist propaganda.

It all was presented as progress, as manifestation of liberty. They said we liberated women - we gave them equal opportunities. We gave them more opportunities than they have ever had or could even dream about! It is all in your hands, they say, as long as you work hard you can become a bus driver or the president. So let’s think about this statement critically and ask a series of questions. It is going to be so much fun.

Is that true? Have we ever dreamed about being presidents? Maybe. Have we ever dreamed about being bus drivers? Seriously? Women were sitting and dreaming - would it nice to get a job as a bus driver and finally started working hard!! Do we really want to be bus drivers? Why would I want to work hard to become a bus driver? What if I don’t work hard and do not make it to the president - do I necessarily have to become a bus driver? Will I have a choice of being someone else rather than becoming a bus driver? Is it who I am going to be for the rest of my life? Will I have a chance to meet a prince who would set me free from my driver job, take it to his castle and love me? Do I even have the right to dream about true love and family since I could not make it beyond being a bus driver and did not achieve success myself? Success necessarily makes you eligible for love?

Ladies, when I ask those questions - my heart and soul is weeping, because we live and follow rules that society (aka capitalism) created. They interfere with the desires of our heart, our divine nature, with our right to be happy. Because deep down every woman is dreaming about having a husband, having kids and falling in love. No girl when she was little knew that her life will be so difficult and she had to enter the competition in order to have her dreams come true. And sometime in order to have her dreams come true - she even has to become a bus driver. Yes. We did not know what turn our lives would take when all we wanted was love, family and happiness.

I will go even further. Even if were given an “opportunity” to become a bus driver - noone took our biological functions away and our urges to get married, give birth to a child, be loving mom, wife, and a daughter. We all want them! But now we need to go and deal with those opportunities: work for a living, build a career, start a company, get a PhD and get a job. We were thrown out there in the wild by society to survive first. Society gave you tools to survive. You have to appreciate it. This society is operating under the assumption that you as a woman (while being a productive member of society meaning - not relying on anyone for money) one day would want to become a mom. They thought it through - some wonderful things suddenly became available to you like single mom government assistance, sperm bank, affordable childcare. It does not matter if it was a desire for a man to have a child or her own - it is still her responsibility to take care of this child. But now she has to work and trade her time for money instead of carrying out her primary responsibilities - taking care of a child and being with her child at all times. Can you feel the pain of being single mom and working as a bus driver? And society lives by the rule - it is your money and not my problem. You had everything to support yourself and it was your decision to have a child. Now deals with the consequences!

Sexism vs Chauvinism. The origins.

Can a woman be undervalued and not recognized enough for her degrees, work ethics and professional achievements. Or is it sexism? The definition of sexism “prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex”. Let’s take a closer look. In our thought experiment - sexism was used in cases when she wasn't given a promotion or a job and a guy got it instead. But do we call it sexism when the job was given to the guy and he became a bus driver instead of a woman? Can you imagine having society where women are forbidden to work as a bus driver?

So where sexism came from? It is also known as chauvinism - “excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for one's own cause, group, or gender”. Here I would disagree that they are synonyms. Chauvinism goes way beyond the gender. We can describe Nazi Germany as being chauvinistic towards all other nations. We can describe straight people considering themselves not at risk of being infected with HIV as chauvinistic. But those cases were disproved and dismissed. The case of gender is still pending. Chauvinistic is when one group assigns for themself such attributes which are imaginary, false, not true. Let’s go back to gender.

Why sexism is such a big deal today? When it became a thing? How we became this way? In order for sexism to define itself as “prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex” women had to really want to have those desires which they are being discriminated against. I don’t know how this feminist paradigm took over our minds, but It had to have an inception. And you and I did not start the movement. We “proudly” inherited it. We live the life that they were fighting for. Wouldn’t you want to conduct mental investigation on how did this shit happen to us?

Let’s consider one scenario. Women in the past really wanted to do something so bad, have something on their minds that they can’t let go, and they have burning desire to make this dream that stuck in their heads to come true no matter what. Do you believe that the burning desire of their hearts was finally being given the opportunity to become a bus driver? I don’t think so. Let’s go away from the bus drivers. Were they dreaming about becoming the policeman and challenging men on that? I don’t think so.

Were they dreaming about an opportunity to be known for something else besides being a wife and a mother? Most likely. But, boy, those women in the past would have never thought that this dream would become a reality. And the ugly one! I can imagine myself dreaming about being a founder of an innovative company, a scientist or a doctor. And we all know what are the things women can dream about because they are so cool and we can tell them apart from things that noone even men are dreaming about. Do you think that someone is dreaming about getting a job as a product manager at the company X? Someone might be but not because it was their childhood dream, but because someone needs money very badly. So our dream to become special was distorted?

Was there a time when women did not have to look for a job and sexism was irrelevant?

Do you remember the time when there were no jobs for women except taking care of kids, husband and the house not because she was objectified, but rather because there were literally no jobs for anyone! I think when hunting. Caveman age was replaced by feudalism, farming and animal domestication - that is when women found their first jobs besides their primary ones. And it all make sense since there was no need to hunt, men decided to go to war. War became new hunting. Evolution created men to be cruel and eager to fight! What kind of woman would decide that she needs to go to war or she is capable to fight someone. As we know from history of all the great conquerors were men. Or we don’t know something about our history?

Then capitalism and socialism came along dividing the world into two parts. Both were equally bad for the world. But can we all agree that our history is full of blood and war and those were not caused or initiated by women? Those were all men who like to fight by their nature. So history was driven by men.

Look at the modernity - we live in the most peaceful time. No wars. But those men still need to fight. That is why they go to work, or become the founders, they now fight in business or politics peacefully. When you think about work - think that war was replaced by modern work. And what was the war? Fight for resources. And what is modern work? Fight for money.

Women can become anyone they want and overcome all difficulties...
Sexism is something that does a woman - can you do that? Are you a fighter? Or you are going to give up? Can you work hard and overcome every obstacle and be persistent in achieving your goal despite "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination"? Let me ask - pursuing what goal exactly? Can happiness be achieved by overcoming "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination"? And we are talking about women since we are trying to understand sexism and how it became an issue for them? What is this thing she wants so bad that she would be willing to go through those obstacles in order to get it? And why men do not have to experience sexism?

We are now talking about work. So let’s consider scenarios in which modern women can compete for a job or promotion. Again capitalism and socialism all love that women are eager to work. But if you ask women - do they really want to work? Do I really want to look for a job now that I am greatly passionate about but because I need money? And in today's world - everyone needs money to survive - men, women, elderly, even new born! Can you imagine how difficult it is to be a new-born - you not only require money and also attention 24 hours.

Indeed,women have to work, they have to compete for jobs and promotions if they are single and noone is supporting them. But how many of those women who are looking for jobs are married? Why would married woman need to look for a job or keep a job after the marriage? Well, probably because we are equal and it is a social norm - to work whether you want it or not. And again people don't apply critical thinking into answering the question of why would a married woman exchange her time for money doing something she can care less.

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